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Carnivores #22 are full. All Statues completed. PC/Mobile

Our Den-Mother Sume:

Who are we?

We are a group of players who like to have fun playing GofW and we pride ourselves on having a family atmosphere (with sharp teeth) and turbulance is normally minimal. There is a lot of loyalty here!

We are #22 in the League and have been here for many months.
Our short-term plan is to always be one of the top 25 of 8000 guilds in the league. Long-term we are already ‘drifting’ towards the top 20.

Some guilds have very high requirements for entry and there is a high risk that you may burn yourself out. Hence the reason they are frequently recruiting. On the other hand, joining them is great as a short-term strategy for extremely high rewards. Our guild gets very high rewards with very loyal and supportive members and an active Guild-Master without the ‘work’ because we enjoy playing.

Join us and we will give you:

+300% Daily Gold Bonus. We are Guild Grandmaster 1. Guild Level 579.
All 6 statues tasks are completed each week.
100% Bonus (maximum) on all statues. All LV 100.
35K Seals per week. We are getting there!
A heck of a lot of Guild Rewards.
Free banter - if you want it.

Our requirements are reasonable:

We don’t care about player level: Active and hungry for rewards is good.

We require (minimum):

250K Gold per week.
750 Seals.
100 Trophies

Communicate - let us know you are still there.

We have our own forum for support, solving issues and team ideas. Some of us also use Discord for communication too.

We want you to have security while you are with us and you will not be arbitrarily booted for no reason even if you disagree with some decisions.

We are flexible. Just show us you are willing to contribute and you are willing to play and all will be fine. Our demands are reasonable but expectations are high. We have many great people.

Join the Carnivores today but only if you are a real meat-eater!

Here’s a pic of our GM having a bad day.

Naturally, we need the right type of Carnivore :scream: (Ya gotta have legs!)

PM has been Sent

Recruitment has been completed for both vacancies.

Welcome to the two new super-carnivores!

Looking for a real meat-eater to join our carnivorous pack.

Please PM me or leave a message here with your invite code. Thanks.

Sadly, one of our Carnivore has retired and we now have a need for another meat-eater to join our pack of hungry beasts. We don’t care about your level - just show me you are hungry.

PM me or leave your invite code and a few details and I will get back to you ASAP.

Hi my invite code is KALIBAN

Currently in a guild but happy to leave if I can find a spot elsewhere.

I’m lvl 320 with all Kingdoms at lvl 10 - and have no problems meeting your requirements.

Just looking for somewhere a little more organised and friendly.

I and certainly not hardcore but have hit 1500 seals since they started and contribute between 300 and 500K gold each week. Trophies tend to be between 150 and 200 a week.

Let me know if you think I would fit in and I’ll leave my current guild

You sound great Kaliban. We are certainly organised and very friendly. Please leave your guild and I will invite you :slight_smile:

I am now in a quandary of my own making I also applied to another guild and they accepted me about 5 minutes after I applied to you.

However I am currently sat waiting for an invite having left my guild.

So I’m happy to join either of the two guilds as they both sound much better than my current arrangement

No problem Kaliban. Go for the first Guild that accepts you.

Thanks - I’ll let you know if they don’t get back to me

I did send you an invite on the off chance you had left your guild already. Does it say who the invite is from? Just curious about the mechanics (not the other guild).

I’ve not got any invites - not done this before but have noticed in forums that some people see some technical difficulties.

I definitely left the guild which is fairly easy to work out as that menu now takes me into the view of guild recruiting and starting your own one

Fairly sure my invite code is KALIBAN as that’s what it says on the settings screen.

I have also relogged once since leaving the guild

Ho-hum - will re-log again

Ha-ha a relog and the message appeared - if you don;t mind I will accept :wink:

Ok Accept. Let’s see what happens.

Success. Welcome aboard Kaliban. Hope you like it here :slight_smile:

Sadly, one of our Carnivore has been retired and we now have a need for another meat-eater to join our pack of hungry beasts. We don’t care about your level - just show me you are hungry.

PM me or leave your invite code and a few details and I will get back to you ASAP.

Recruiting done. Great catch Nom Nom Nom