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**CARNIVORES **(1.1M gold-1500s) now recruiting(spots open)

you have pm

one spot open,join us

few hours left before reset

1 spot open,join now

Come join us and have a great time with a pack of real meat-eaters!

Under new management for two months now and Alexander is doing a great job.

thanks chief
Join now before reset
come on,join before next gw

come on people join before reset

Hi there, I’m interested and can meet your requirements. LVL 560 or so. Looking for an active guild and have discord.


Carnivores is a great guild, join today, you’ll be happy you did!


Hey. Please add me.


lvl 350 here i can do all ur requirment :stuck_out_tongue:

Give me a shout please Alex

spots open for recruitment

we are full,thank you all

1 spot available,join us now

oh come on,no one wants to join?

we are full again,thanks every one

Spots available for a couple of meat-eaters. We are a great pack and very supportive under the care of Alexander (GM).

join now before GW start

come on players,one spot open,you can do it