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Card totals incorrect

Today I opened a stack of 50 event keys and got one copy of the new King Blood. I then opened another 50 and got 5 copies of King Blood. I am 100% positive of this as I was amazed and told my wife to look. I then went to ascend the card, but I couldn’t as I only had 4 copies. I opened a good amount of chests when the new kingdom came out so not sure if the other new card totals were correct in my inventory. Any idea why the total is not right or anyone else having the same issue?

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Yep it gives crazy numbers i made a screenshot but u do get cards

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They’re claiming it’s a visual inaccuracy for what it’s showing you… IE you were not getting 5 of said card…
I would assume that they don’t actually know how to fix the issue and are just saying it so we don’t send in a ton of tickets.

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I had this happen with gold keys over the weekend too. It would show x5 but I only received or x3.

That is interesting. I don’t believe that is them being honest nor do I think that is fair to the player to guess how many of a card they actually get


I do think the numbers you do get are correct

This is only a visual bug, you received the correct amount of troops. The same prob happened more than 1 year ago.
If you open 50 event keys for exemple, you will see displayed that you received more than 50 troops which is impossible. The Gems, Glory and Souls are also displaying too high numbers. But we receive the correct amount.

Already had 2 Glaycions. Just opened 50 event keys and received 3 Glaycions. My total now shows 4…How long have we been getting ripped off on total cards???

Hi Everyone

this is a visual issue which was only identified yesterday so we don’t have a fix as we’re still looking into it right now. :slight_smile:

You will find that the card totals are showing extra than what you should be receiving, however the game is still giving you the standard amount of what you should be getting, it just appears as if you are earning extra:

Ok I understand it’s a bug. But I didn’t checked the amount received.
I’ve spend 200 keys and I’ve seen 5 Glacyons. So I bought another 50 chest so I can level Glacyon to Mythic. I got another Glacyon…and then when I checked my troop total, surprise I had only 3 !

So I’ve spend 50 keys because of the bug ! A disappointment, especially since I don’t get these key easily.