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Not sure if this the correct place to post this but here I go. I’ve been playing GEMS for 4 yrs the game has become my favourite past time. There’s so many aspects of the game I enjoy it would take a page of its own. My suggestion is either a badger card or a [Mustelids] class that could include Badger, skunks, otter’s , Weasel, of course the wolverine and honey badger. Thank you for
Your time

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It would even be easy for them to fit in with their snarky catchphrases to have a card that said something like, “[Honey Badger or appropriate pronoun] don’t care!” :joy:

I’d love it. A badger in the Pridelands, or Wild Plains, would both make perfect sense :+1:

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These are some fun suggestions.

What about a badger Pet?


That sounds like a very annoying pet

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That would truly make my day :slightly_smiling_face:

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