Card redesign fail

Long time player, first time poster, motivated to comment here by epic development failure in card design.

Game is unplayable now. There is no easy way to tell what is going on in battles anymore.

If this isn’t corrected soon, I’ll be moving on.


Same here, game is unplayable on mobilephones and give no relax with current UI. I tried on tablet too shiny and blinky no fun


Created an account just to be be able to provide feedback on this as well. Been playing the game for nearly two years and now the in game card makes it extremely difficult to see health and armor and attack. Please fix this. It’s literally one of, if not the most important parts of the game.


Battles are LITERALLY won and lost based on the Life (and Armor) stats, that’s why they NEED to be placed somewhere quick and easy to spot.

6.9 (and prior) had this NAILED.

7.0? …um, which number means what again?