Card redesign difficult for accessibility

Please make an option to turn off the flashing and lights for playse safety!!! This is very bad for seizures and the eyes!! VIP level 18 here

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Oh come on, I’m SURE they’ll give us 50 Gems as compensation… :roll_eyes:

I wish, that would mean they acknowledge they did something wrong in the first place. At this time, they probably think its fine as is…

I’m sure they’ll adjust the text size. Everything else… yeah idk.

This is the truth right here. The player base is declining FOR MONTHS. And this last attempt is to squeeeeeeeeze as much as they can from the few people that are left. And some, make no mistake, STILL PAY. There’s sooooo many people here that already reported that they spent $15-$30 to finish the underspire for this week. That’s insane. Especially if they do that EVERY WEEK moving forward.

The game is clearly going towards pay-to-win model. Or just… pay-to-play model. Ex: some very very old weapons that are REQUIRED by kingdom upgrades, can’t be crafted anymore. So, if you want to progress that kingdom, you gotta cough up cash. But the game is FREE… if you want to just match colors, not if you want to actually strive towards completing anything in the game.


I have been playing the game everyday and after the update my eyes cannot take it anymore!!
Not only the flashing which everybody is complaining, now I cannot even see my enemy health points clearly on my iphone.
Please either revert back or have an option to turn off all those useless flashy stuff.
You will lose a lot of regular players if you stick to this. I am definitely 1 of them


At last!


You know why this is upsetting? All the smartphones now share the same size display between 6.1 to 6.6 inches. The numbers look so tiny and nobody on the team saw this as a problem?. Beta testers have no fault they never listen to the true feedback. We are not asking for a total remake. But to be sensible and adjust font size color and background.


Beta testing is only done on Steam.

And all beta testers play the game on full screen on devices not smaller than 17’'? Because that’s when the numbers start to be legible for me. If I window the game and make it to the usual size I use - it’s nearly just as bad as on the phone.

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I really can’t tell.

I hope you don’t think I am happy with the new interface.

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Playing this game for 6 years now, first time I thought I have to leave the game because I simply can’t read what’s on the screen. Yes, the new design is readable on my big 4k screen but 95% of the time I’m playing on mobile or tablet. There it’s simply not.
I think all was said in this thread. Please developers, revert this GUI change. ASAP!


I play on both and somebody on the dev team tell me this 4k iscreenshot in a 65 inches tv looks good to the eye specially the numbers on the stats.


There is absolutely NOTHING about that which should shock you. They’re being here and talking with us WOULD be a shocking development!


I’m in my mid forties and this redesign sucks horribly. When I’m playing on PC it’s still hard to see any stats and that’s a 26" monitor. On my phone, which is where I play from in the evenings and away from home it really sucks. There’s no strategy to playing anymore because of that. Everything is always got a glow to it so I never notice when a car is ready to cast either, so I’m losing it that was as well, particularly with a team in not used to.


Fun times setting up stun if a troop hits your barriored troop then having to barrior again because the troop does not look stunned. if you think its stunned but its not and it hits you then you lose top troop. Who comes up with this nonsense when it was working perfectly before. I am pretty sure many will stop playing this game now. It is hard to see what is going on with a big screen tv. A phone would be nuts.

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For me, it’s not just that stats are harder to read, but the banner on the left of each creature card obstructs the artwork. I love the game’s artwork, and it helps add immersion to the game!! This new update is a big step backwards in playability for me. :frowning:


Really starting to believe devs of gow really own an eye glass company. So when you play gow your eyes go bad and you will need to buy their eye glasses.


The only two incidents I remember where something significant was changed post-launch were the Sunspear class change (3rd trait was changed, then changed back) and the original Guild statue nerf (Blue statue used to give 590 gems, they lowered it to 290? and then ‘compromised’ and brought it back to 390, stating that leaving it at 590 would ‘break the economy’).

That’s it. That’s all I remember for community outrage actually resulting in a positive change.

I hope they address these accessibility issues, but I suspect that IF anything gets addressed, that’s going to be what they adjust, and it’ll probably still be some sort of ‘compromise’ (and 50 Gems in the mail, if we’re lucky).


they did slightly adjust one of the previous designs in the past and absolutely refused to revert the design (though color blind people were still SoL)

There was also that time when they made the board background slightly transparent, which everyone disliked,

Seem to remember it was fixed fairly quickly back to opaque.

This was ages ago though.