Card/Class adjustment to make more fun

I do appreciate the warm QOL update dev has done, especially the ATK/ARMOR/LIFE font number enlarged since latest battle screen update, for my kind of old age player but using iphone13 mini.
I think this should have been talked over years but I’d say some class/card can use a bit adjustment not for balance, but for fun purpose. Regarding new class Elementalist trait is so powerful that vast of team build around it, I think some class like old Warden can change 3rd trait to add 3 or 5 armor or life on 4 or 5 gem match instead of flat +5 armor. Same for Frostmage, 25% chance for the 3rd trait is too low, 50% or even 100% of it may get more fun.
I don’t think Elementalist trait is overpowered. IMHO balance is not the main concern for this game, but fun is. A major fun of this game is team build and enjoy the pleasure the battle by creative team build.
How do you think?

Btw, new class Geomancer has the 50% start mana by it’s own 3rd trait, but also have “Mana Source” on lv20 talent. Maybe it was overlooked?