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Caprinicus gains 4 magic before dealing damage, counter to how it appears in text

Platform, device version and operating system

Screenshot or image

Prior to Casting (total health = 110):

About to cast (expected damage = 35):

After casting (total health = 71 -> 39 damage dealt):

What you were expecting to happen, and what actually happened
Based on the wording of the text, where damage is dealt first, the expectation is that damage is dealt, and then the stats are stolen and gained. However, the stats get stolen and gained first, altering the damage dealt.
A comparable troop would be Suna, who steals the life expected prior to gaining the magic that she stole.
Between those two troops, there needs to be some change either in wording or in behavior, in order to get them to line up and perform as expected.

How often does this happen? When did it begin happening?
Every time

Steps to make it happen again
Cast Caprinicus’s spell

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This is also happening on android (7.0).

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If anything, changing the wording order would be easier leaving the troop still good as it would still gain magic when killing an enemy.


Suna still gains magic when killing too though, so that shouldn’t be a requirement I wouldn’t think.

Maybe because she steals magic from the strongest enemies, while she steals life from the weakest that are the ones who can die…
Caprinicus’ spell, as it’s worded, could simply kill the enemy and then when he would try to steal Attack, but then there’s nothing to steal from, so better change the wording but leaving the effect order just like it is.


Hello, thanks for your report!

Please note that this is not a bug, and the Spell is actually working how it was intended to work. I’ve created an aritcle to explain this


Okay. I think it could be redesigned to be clearer and more in line with other troops like Suna, who is capable of killing a troop while still stealing it’s magic (perhaps she’s a bug though?) without first gaining the magic, but thank you for the reply.

Ummm sorry but I found that article just confusing. It’s deliberate that the spell works differently to how it’s written? And if the target dies the magic steal doesn’t happen but it means that if the target dies you get the full benefit of the spell?


Maybe I just need coffee.

Piper also seems to work in reverse as well. Not sure if it’s intended but even if the enemy is out of Armor Piper still gains magic.

That sounds like a bug. We’ll take a look into it.

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