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Capitulating to the Whiner Cry Babies - Nerfing Cards - Divines

The nerf can be seen both ways, but one thing i totally agree on is that a higher level should not be penalized for no reason in pvp. I played on a lower account and could make nearly twice as much gold with the lower level than i can with my higher level


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Its all tongue in cheek as far as I am concerned. I did not take umbrage at anyone’s statement in this thread…:slight_smile:


When and how did they nerf Ubastet, Infernus and Divine Ishbaala? I use this team and haven’t noticed any changes.

Or better yet let’s not release obviously brokenly op troops that can 1 shot 2 troops for a gigantic population of the game by turn 2 with the appropriate supporting troops.

That’s ridiculous. I can’t believe that anyone is crying about it being fixed, because it was super obvious that this was a problem that had to be addressed. Anyone with any sense of game balance would suspect that this was coming. Get over it and accept that an outlier had to be reigned in.


These announcements sometimes get lost as they’re inside the same threads that announce new troops.

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I do wish they would restore the cleanse to Divine Ishbaala though, that was going to far imho.


Thanks, I am okay with the changes. I didn’t even notice them.

While I agree with you we can’t ignore the fact that she is still among the best Legendary troops even without the cleanse. :+1:

Also I want to mention that, nothing beats when some of the colossal whiners of these boards that we have seen today whines about how the Devs went on and nerfed some of these troops. Total priceless. You wanted the nerfs so you better take and accept the price for it and move on, this is precisely what happens everytime when nerfs happens, never the way most wants! Not in particular only meant towards you @Clark, so you can go ahead and breath now son. :wink:

“Spend” a slot to have your team 40% mana start is still too much.

The nature of the game is to match gems, to collect mana and use powers to win. 40% head start is stupid. This trait is degenerate as it can be and cannot be balanced other than completely limiting the design of troops who have the Divine subtype. They already had to change Arachnaean Weaver for that … Ishbaala will still eat that design space, cos there is no counter to that trait besides a more stupid degenerate one.

Infernus still is powerful af too, he just got his loop % a bit down, but its manageable, and Ubastet is a victim of Ishbaala. Without her, un-nerfed Uba is just another useful to good troop.

It’s stupid how people defend that team. the type of player who likes to play easy-mode. “I’m Stronk, at the top of the hill, let me just mindlessly press 3 buttons to play the game.” Thats the true whiner. Get balls and make a team which uses yyour brain. Its GoW a puzzle-strategic game or a clicker ?

The game would be more fun, fair and competitive is all those troops who “cheat” the act of playing the game were reworked.


Ahem. lvl1200+, Match Masters for three years, player for four, former #1 guild, etc etc.

Been saying these troops are too strong since release.

Not even reading the rest, basically just scrolled to the other sensible posts.

For the record, Ubastet still kills you even if you’re in a top-ten guild. So…

Please avoid further political discussion or references (e.g. Donald Trump/Hilary) on this thread. It can become a touchy subject for some people very quickly. :world_map:


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