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Capitulating to the Whiner Cry Babies - Nerfing Cards - Divines

I see the Nerf to Ubastet, why is it lower players are always complaining something is to powerful instead of Playing Hard & Joining a Good Guild for the “Perks” that make you stronger? No… endless complaining about it’s not fair, boo the #*&% hoo hoo! Geez! The Socialistic crud about trying to please everyone instead of just letting them grow stronger, the power that be decide to make those of us who worked hard to get the Teams that work weaker. Oh yea that’s a GREAT Idea… Also I see handicaps that penalize the Top Guilds for the PVP rewards & points. Why are the Top Guilds getting handicapped for PVP points? The Idea is to play hard & become Stronger, only to find out the Powers That Be believe it’s fair to penalize you for playing Hard & becoming someone a Top Guild Wants. Wake up Please, you are ruining the Game for the ones that made you successful in the 1st place. This is the kind of thing that ruins the Game altogether! California Socialism at it’s finest.

How about you leave issued cards alone & let the weak become stronger by their own hands by game play. Let the weak use in game purchases to help one advance & grow stronger or join a good Guild to help them along. Stop capitulating to the cry babies & whiners (NOT Winners)

How About stop handicapping the Guilds because they worked hard to become a Guild everyone wants to join. Here’s an Idea, Let the weak Whiners & Complainers play more, make in game purchases to support the game, get to a decent Level where a Good Guild will want them. Free Game Players are all good I suppose, but until they financially support the game, let their feeble BS crying fall on deaf ears.


Calm down Donald Trump.

The nerf to Ubastet was needed and super minor, the nerf to Infernus was not really needed, the nerf to Divine Ishbaala was completely uneeded but that is the way of things in GoW. Development puts out and OP card and when they finally pull their head out of their nether regions and notice what the player base has been telling them since day one they go way to far and nerf to much. But its not as bad as you say, its not the end of the world, the team still is powerful and works well just not quite as well as previously.

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OK some of your points are worth making and some aren’t.

RE: nerfing cards: it was objectively true Ubastet Divines was too consistent, and that the core Ishbaala/Infernus pair was a little too strong. I had hoped this would be handled by the devs making “powerful troops that aren’t Divines” and, in particular, “Troops that are very powerful against Divines but only “good” against others”. But “a nerf” is still valid and this nerf leaves them still very powerful.

RE: the guild handicaps: yes. It is stupid that the longer I play, the fewer rewards I get. That’s a good drum to beat.

RE: “Let the week use in-game purchases to advance”: No. People don’t want this to be a true P2W. As-is, spending money doesn’t get you many troop guarantees. We like it that way.

That said, it goes back to how I wanted Divines nerfed: if there were more PvP teams worth playing, it would be more likely a random player has enough troops to form a great PvP team. But this is the current GoW cycle:

  1. Some PvP team dominates the meta.
  2. A new troop creates a team that beats every other team with no counters.
  3. The meta shifts to that team.
  4. The dominant team is nerfed incrementally until it’s still broken on offense but fine on defense.
  5. Victory is declared and we still have 1 team in the PvP meta.

I’m not complaining but I wonder what removing previous nerfs would do rather than more nerfing . Like removing the nerf to Bone Dragon or Great maw or something … lets have several degenerate teams going rather than just one.


Hillary supporter :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye::stuck_out_tongue::stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:


Merciful Heavens please do not turn this into yet another place where I have to constantly watch cultists fling insults at each other based on the suspected and/or actually proven felon they supposedly worship.


I think each emote used by @DEMONorANGEL adds a cumulative 30% chance he was just joking/teasing @Clark … I believe this is due OP’s mentioning “Californian supposed socialism” which i find extremely unrelated to an Australian Game Company and associates.

Like… OP make these silly politic analogies that seems like things certain presidential supporters say and therefore as Clark disagrees he would be automatically a supporter of the opposition. That’s my understanding of the joke… :thinking:

But well, i could be wrong…


Now I admit I always love a rousing round of why socialism sucks bbbbuuuuutttt you’re just wrong here. This isn’t a tycoon game nor a true market based economy in which we players can trade with each other. They aren’t taking your resources and giving it to the less rng fortunate, or requiring lvl quotas to always help low lvl players in top guilds. This is ridiculous and perhaps what socialism really is or you are no better than those that never realise how much woe has been contributed to such ideologies. I can understand being a whiner about relatively small nerfs, but comparing it to socialism is wrong. On that note, I find the devs quite capitalistic in their practices most of the time and balance the game so people stay and spend their money. Crazy idea right?


You are the absolute madman! We should meet and plan a party with random people someday. :laughing:


Lower players? Ha, belittling mindless and insulting. You’ve no idea what stance others are expressing their views from and can’t be bothered to try and think on it. Plenty of people of all levels expressing views either way on these nerf debates.

I’m level 1200+ and have played the game every day for almost four years. I’m also VIP level very-high, though unlike you I don’t suggest this makes my views more valid than free players. I’d like to see the devs continue to intervene on balance changes for the good of variety as they have for all this time.


Only see one thing i care to respond to/say something about in the OP…disadvantages to experienced players/stronger guilds.

What i see it’s a willingness to “ruin the game” for the players who have already spent time, money, and energy. Just wait until legendary tasks are adjusted again, Guild wars goes to every four weeks (or away altogether), and more absurd gem sinks (or traps) are added. Those people (myself included) are past the spending peak. We have all (or almost all) of the non-mythic troops, we have all (or almost all) of them traited, we’ve figured out just how absurd the cost of gems is, so $5 for some extra diamonds or a weapon here and there, or maybe a ring of wonder is about all we spend money on. Most players in that category are earning sufficient gems from tributes and can save keys in a way that rarely means we will miss one.

The idea that what we want matters more than the “whiners who just need to play the game” is silly. It would actually be more beneficial to the pockets of 505 and Infinity Plus 2 for us to leave and take our expectations, entitlement, and memories of a better time with us. It’s a free to play game running on every platform. Finding new players won’t be a problem.

I can’t help but feel like the frog in a pot of water, slowly headed towards a boil. Last week, i retired one of my two accounts (level 1150+ with more than 500 unique troops - VIP 9). Depending on how things go between 4.0 and 4.1, I may be done. I actually am done, I’m just giving them a chance to change my mind.

One forums account per player please. :grinning:
Alts are okay in GoW… Shouldn’t be allowed here.


I’m amazed that the OP correctly spelled “capitulating” in the thread title, then went on to include “nefting” instead of “nerfing” and “devines” instead of “divines”.


I thought about that. For a short period of time, maybe a week, I would love to see every card ever nerfed returned to its original state. I would love to see all of the metas in pvp. Or here’s a cool idea, maybe they could feature a different meta each week in the dungeon. The sad part is is it wouldn’t be possible because in order to remedy the Justice League the developers had to change the RNG with the placement of the gems that were being created. I would love to see the Justice League, the Kraken meta, the Bone Dragon teams Etc. Oh the whining that will be had. :rofl::joy::heart_eyes::heart_eyes:


Ubastet skill nerf from 4:1 to 6:1 is wayyyyyyy too much, 5:1 would have been much more appropriate.

The nerf can be seen both ways, but one thing i totally agree on is that a higher level should not be penalized for no reason in pvp. I played on a lower account and could make nearly twice as much gold with the lower level than i can with my higher level


I admit I voted for her as the lesser of two evils. Basically, the Democrats gave Trump the election by putting Hillary up, she is one of the few people on the planet more despicable then Donald Trump, thus his win.

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Its all tongue in cheek as far as I am concerned. I did not take umbrage at anyone’s statement in this thread…:slight_smile:


When and how did they nerf Ubastet, Infernus and Divine Ishbaala? I use this team and haven’t noticed any changes.

Or better yet let’s not release obviously brokenly op troops that can 1 shot 2 troops for a gigantic population of the game by turn 2 with the appropriate supporting troops.

That’s ridiculous. I can’t believe that anyone is crying about it being fixed, because it was super obvious that this was a problem that had to be addressed. Anyone with any sense of game balance would suspect that this was coming. Get over it and accept that an outlier had to be reigned in.