Cant use weaker decks in pvp

My usual deck has about 5000 power, i want to use my weaker deck of 3000 for this weeks events but the only pvp matches are still 5k and up so i cant possibly win any with the new deck. How do i fix this. (Xbox one)

I play on PC (you set your post to the PC/Mobile forum btw, but I corrected it for you) but I’d image it works the same (maybe?). Your opponents are influenced by the power of your defense team so if you lower your defensive team’s power and then fight 5-20 matches, you should start noticing weaker opponents showing up.


What @ogunther said.

The easiest way to do that is set your defense to a single troop.

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@htismaqe, @ogunther

Based on my recent experience, I’m not certain that actually works on console. I don’t see any variation in PVP difficulty when I change my defence team. I’ve been running a single level 1 troop for two weeks now and aside from a few easy matches at the beginning of each week, all I get are 7000+ point teams on my 1-trophy matches, with my 3-trophy matches all 9000+. Sometimes all 3 of my options are 8000+.

The way they say it works on PC/Mobile seems to be how it actually works on console. That is, your PVP difficulty is determined by your level, kingdom bonuses and guild bonuses.

For @Silentbob3, I don’t believe there will be an easy way for you to make a 3000 point deck work in PVP. As you level up and get stronger, the difficulty of the opponents you face in PVP will also increase. Sometimes, you’ll still get some easy matches, but you may need to pick and choose the spots where you can get away with using a 3000 point deck.

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Stan’s right on both accounts: It’s a popular myth that defensive team influences opponents you see and you are just hitting a wall and there’s not much to be done. You should still be able to beat decks that have a couple thousand advantage if you have a good deck and play smart. If not, then you either have to level/trait up the team or use a different one I’m afraid. There’s no way to game the system.

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It’s not a myth at all, at least not on PC/mobile. Dozens of people have confirmed the effect - a 1-troop defense drops the average 3-trophy match by ~2000 points.


I’m not arguing that it doesn’t work on PC/Mobile, but I see no evidence that it does on console, that’s all.


I think part of the problem is how the game determines score. I am level 250ish currently and have only a hand full of 4 or 5 stars troops so I’m pretty stuck with a group of 2 and 3 star troops that I finally managed to trait 3 of them. My score is somewhere around 5500 with that group. Often times I fight groups that are 4500-5000 that have all 4 and 5 star troops with a couple of traits. In addition those troops have some abilities that if triggered basically one shoot my entire team. There is no way point system should result in my team being higher ranked than the one with 4 4/5 star troops or even on par.

As a result I can’t really tell if I should skip the troop or not unless they are really low of the random card displayed for the opponent looks pretty low. They really need to update their scoring system.

Theres some key troops you have to deny mana so you don’t get run over. (ex dragon soul) I know I’m still getting turn 1 chessed by Valkyrie justice mab teams , since I currently don’t have a counter team for it.

Do you have a troop that can freeze? If you freeze Justice or Mab, then Justice can’t generate extra turns which is what initiates the unstoppable loop in that team. Or you could try to entangle the first troop so that skulls do no damage.

I like to use Amira against those teams, but to really work, you probably need at least her first trait (2nd and 3rd traits are nice, but not necessary). She does double-damage against troops that use blue, so she will usually one-shot kill Justice, Mab or Khorvash, and with Mana-shield, she is immune to Queen Mab’s mana burn. Build a team around an exploder or someone that creates red or purple to charge her up quickly, then use her to cut the legs out from under those teams (hit Justice first, then Khorvash, then Mab).

My favorite team for this purpose is Gorgotha, Khorvash, Amira, Manticore, but that contains two legendaries, so it may not be within reach depending on your collection.

Fully traited Mab cant be frozen.

Justice can.