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Cant target Mercy with spell :(

I play on pc android.
Only mercy remains and i cant target her with a spell
She has been greyed out.

You showed her mercy.


And she was merciless in her refusal to die.


Couple of questions…

  1. Do you remember if there was a troop with “Stealthy” on that team (e.g. Goblin)?
  2. Was there any troop in the battle capable of moving enemy positions (e.g. maybe you had a dust devil in first slow, or maybe they had a hero with Serve & Protect)?

Bro i went back through my battle log and i am fairly certain this was the one i fought
It seems to happen when maw is frozen. I got a screen shot after Maw thawed out.
All his units are fully traited

Luckgod was the only player in my battle log using mercy and maw. His setup is the only one i use maw against.

Thank you!
That’ll definitely help us track it down!

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Which unit was casting the spell? Bone dragon?

@Sirrian here is that glitch again got you more screen shots .


@Sirrian and @Nimhain
Here is another example. Pvp against brian.
Hope giving you guys info will help narrow it down.
Ps if u have enough let me know i will stop posting them :wink:

Are you seeing this on both PC and android or just one of them?

@Nimhain just on android , i don’t play on Pc.
Here it is again just hapened.
This time is a little diffrent…
Mercy was there , but on skull matches sun weaver was hitting.

If i would have killed sunweaver it would have been the same.
Might be a mercy problem huh

Could you check if there are any updates for Gems of War on your android? We put a small bug fix update out, that was not a compulsory, so you didn’t need to download it to run the game. Some of the bugs fixed were related to Great Maw causing ghost troops.

I want to make eliminate those previous ghost troops issues, to help us narrow down what could be happening.

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@Nimhain i will try my friend.
Just applied the update. Hade the issue attack before i updated. I will let you know .