Can't even

I can’t even formulate the words to how much Idiocracy exists from this “feature”.

Read a book, go to “University” or hell, play Gems of War to educate oneself on how dumb this is.


It doesn’t actually help any players. And I hope to God it doesn’t help your bottom line.

Monkeys paw once again in full effect.


I used gems just to see the cost of a forge scroll, then laughed and cried.
Of course nobody have seen a cursed gnome since they “increased” the chance.
This new feature is a joke!


Making a recipe for an incredibly rare and unfarmable resource - good idea

Using two other incredibly rare and unfarmable resources in the recipe - priceless


:joy: Bravo well said

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They’re sadistic, aren’t they? Get us excited with a new addition to the game for a moment, then beat us down by nerfing it or making it unobtainable from the start. As if being excited about anything in this game was undesired.


And never fixing issues and bugs, just creating more. The vault event broke the already boring and time consuming battle crasher mechanic.


[Color] Forge Scroll = 100 Treasure Maps + 100 [Color] Jewels + 1000 Souls

There you go Devs, don’t think about it or respond (lol) to this message, just take this as your requirement and go code it. You can keep all the credit and good will that comes from it.


Took them all this time to finally give players a means to attain forge scrolls that isn’t every 66 weeks per color.

This actually really pisses of me off. We waited so long for this, and they do us dirty like that.

This plays right into their wheel house though. More so than actually doing a good job.