Can't connect from Steam

I’m a new player and I linked my Phones account with my Steam account. I can login to my phone but I cannot login through Steam. Every time I try to login via Steam it says “Our servers are experiencing Difficulties,” It’s been saying that for 4 days. I tried reinstalling the game, then I removed cloud sync and tried reinstalling again. But I still can’t connect. I also tried turning off my firewall and defender. Anyone having similar problems or able to help? Thanks

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Ok this is getting frustrating. I’m sure it’s not my internet because my mom can connect on her computer. I’m sure it’s not my PC settings as I had it running before I linked my accounts. So far it’s been almost a week and I can’t connect via Steam.

It always says, “Our servers are experiencing difficulties. We’re investigating the problem. Please wait a few minutes and restart the game.”

Ok I finally fixed it. I tried everything under the sun. But it ended up being my spybot search and destroy’s internet protection Proxy which I didn’t even realize it had. Hope my suffering helps someone else.