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Can't buy New Kingdom Pass

I want to buy the new Kingdom Pass.

But I can’t because during Zhulkari’s event chest week. Arachnaean Weaver wasn’t in the event chests for over half the week, but was advertised to be there. And 505 Games won’t allow actual compensation for stealing time and event keys from players who chased after Arachnaean Weaver the first 4 days.

Instead they gave everyone the opportunity for a month to craft Arachnaean Weaver for 2000 diamonds instead of 4000 diamonds.

It’s like a pizza place allowing you to pay and order a pizza and never delivering it. But then telling you if you spent another $10 they will give you the pizza instead. Which is them being nice because the pizza is usually $20. But hey, this offer is only good for a month.

Why is this a bug report? Because it’s an issue that the devs are ignoring and is preventing me from enjoying/spending on the game.

Therefore it needs to be FIXED!



Trying to charge me $1 more

But you get extra VIP points! Oh, wait…

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The prices are different between PC and Playstation for example, perhaps it depends on the system you play or in which country do you pay the cash.

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Yes, I’ve noticed that the Steam version will always show me prices in USD and Google will show regional pricing. Not sure if that is happening here.

Here in Belgium it’s even €7.99 ($9.14). iOS.