Cant beat dragons

No matter what combo I use, I can never beat PvP teams with dragons. Its making guild wars unbearable.


Use more dragons! :smile:

Gorgotha, Krystenax, The Dragon Soul, Krystenax(or Sylvanimora)
[Brown+Purple Banner]

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Dragon Cruncher is solid (40% devour chance + 2X skull dmg vs dragons) First troop with immunity to entangle is not a bad idea (nullifies Sylvanimora’s 3rd trait.) Use mana drain troops or silence, focus on Krystenax and Dragon Soul (Krystenax feeds off of Dragon Soul but he summons so I usually take him out first.)


I don’t have Dragon soul or Gorgotha.

Or krystynax

Do you have Justice & Queen Mab?

Yup dragon cruncher is the best against dragon

I have justice, no Queen Mab.

Ok, I’ll use him. Thanks!

Do you have humility and courage also? And how bout archon statue? Or any troop with Stoneskin? Get stone skin. Mine was…

Archon Statue

I used this team to beat any team down…should it be… dragons …those pesky goblins with there stupid extra turns…etc…until one day. Ta-Da! I spent a bunch of keys I had saved up as well as my Guild seals once we hit 10k chest. Got TDS…Kerberos…Krystanex…a bunch of other good stuff. Exciting stuff.

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What level are you?

Is it because you are hitting Dragon Soul teams with 20 AoE damage and your troops have only 20-30 HP? if so, it’s a consequence of Dragon Soul’s silly damage mechanic which doesn’t scale down well. I got lucky on PS4 and got Dragon Soul very early (around level 20). It made the game trivial for a very long time.


Level 442.

By now I’m guessing you’ve many kingdoms levelled to lv10 and got the stat bonuses? That helps…

Dragons are strong through most of the game, and pretty viable in the endgame, as it doesn’t take much skill for the AI to explode stuff and cast AoE. Also TDS and Krystenax are two of the best troops, the latter just objectively overpowered.

TDS is what makes them tick. Mana draining it will help. EK or Famine the best options if you have either.

Another great tactic is a loop team. Hellcat / Alchemist / GobRocket / GobRocket is fairly easy to build and trait, and with practice will beat almost anything once you get looping. Mix in a Kraken if you have one. Just avoid getting Frozen… Mab is a killer, and avoid SpiritFox as it steals the yellows…


Great suggestion. Dragons do a lot well, but only Borealis is a threat to a good looping team.

I like Green Seer, Giant Spider, Kraken, Wulfgarok (or a 2nd Kraken if you don’t have Wulfy).

The Hellcat/Alchemist combo can feed any number of good yellow/red troops. Terraxis and Gard’s Avatar (if you happen to have him) are great options in addition to Gob Rocket. If you time Terraxis right, he can do AOE damage to all troops while feeding Alchemist and keeping the turn.

Good further loop suggestions :slight_smile:

The 2x Rocket combo is super reliable. Three fire links means one red surge and you are off. The rocket explosion creates mana and can be used to set up the next loop cast: get used to judging how things fall when the 3x3 is removed, and if there’s already a good colour change cast, just shoot the rockets at the top of the screen…

Also: the true end game version is Mercy/Hellcat/Alchemist/GardsAvatar…


Wow. Thanks, Jainus!

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It saved my bacon in 2 fights last week on purple day the wulfy/kracken team. Good to see your still using it.:slight_smile:

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It’s become one of my go-to teams for anything but Mab teams. Great for both purple and green days, too.

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I just started using this, seems to work well…

External Flame ( fully traited hero as a giant from ? cant remember)
Jarl Firemantle
Dragon Muncher

Only tested it yesterday but beat a level 9300 (I’m only 6300) team even after dragon soul respawned 13 times (wish I was kidding)…lol

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Dragon team are AoE beast, so good options are teams with HP or Armor production, and a source of individual DMG to off Krysternax ASAP.