Cannot start Paragon battle in Guild Wars (Xbox One)

Won the first four battles for the day, time to do the last one, except I can’t. Everything looks like it’s working correctly except that pressing A at the “Attack!” screen causes nothing to happen. I restarted the game, restarted the console, did other battles and came back, nothing has made any difference. Has anyone else experienced this?

Submit a support ticket here

Yes, I went there, and it said to go to 505 Games for Xbox support, so I opened a support ticket with them. Their auto-response said they’d answer “usually within 1 business day”, which is of dubious helpfulness for a battles-per-day thing. So then I asked here, too.

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Same problem on ps4 but it causes full game crash. Submitted ticket.

Yesterday I was 4/1 in Guild Wars and so couldn’t access the Paragon battle. I wonder if this is some kind of lingering-effect bug from that. @Yourmum, was it the same for you?

Hey @sidbushes and @Yourmum,

We have tracked down the cause of the issue, which we have deployed out on our servers. Would you kindly check to see if you are able to fight your Guild Wars opponents now?

Yes, it worked; I won the Paragon battle and got the “Olympus Has Fallen” achievement. Thanks for the timely response.

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