Cannot pvp since reset - error message (may be Merch Prince prob) FIXED :)

I select a pvp match in normal or casual. The start graphics happen…then this 'connection lost ’ message. Except the connection is not lost. Restart the game. Rinse. Repeat.
iOS - iPad Air.

EDIT - It seems it is only happening when the new troop - Merchant Prince is in the team !

Have you traited the prince at all?

Yes. Mythic and fully traited.

I can now play a pvp game with him in the team but at the end (when I have won) the error screen comes up before any reward screens.

Just pushed out a fix for this! Was only an issue on mobile. Thanks for letting us know so fast!

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A fix has just been deployed for it apparently. (source: Salty on discord)

EDIT: Dammit, sniped… shouldn’t have credited Salty :stuck_out_tongue:


Thanks - you are the best :grinning::+1:

I got you for a change!

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My fault!
I mistyped the files with the sound effect for Mr Merchant Prince on the server as “MerhcantPrince_Select” and “MerhcantPrince_Spell”.

I just tested that out, and it should be downloading fine now!