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Cannot log in the game from steam

Platform, device version and operating system
os: win7 64 bit
graphic: NVIDIA geforce gtx 260 (4g mem.)
processor: Intel Xeon 2.80ghz (8cpu)
memory: 12g

hi there, my problem is when i try to log in i get an error and the game freeze and pops me an error message. anyone have any idea thanks


Gems of War
Version: 739
Deployed at: 3/05/2018 6:35:56 PM
Host: ip-172-31-31-29

Have you tried verifying the integrity of the game files for Gems of War @missa1988?

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How do you do that? it was working before the new patch i never had this problem.

On steam go to ‘Library’. Right click on Gems of War, then properties/ local files/ verify integrity of game files.
It might not solve your issue, but it’s worth a shot.