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Cannot launch Gems of War on Steam

Platform, device version and operating system:
PC (Steam), Windows 10

Screenshot or image:

What you were expecting to happen, and what actually happened:
When I try to launch Gems of War in Steam I get a message box as per attached screenshot. Other games run fine this is the only one that has an issue. I have tried verifying the cache, I’ve restarted my PC, I’ve uninstalled and then reinstalled Gems of War, however I still get the same error. I have not updated my PC, installed any software or updated graphics drivers since it was last working (yesterday).

How often does this happen? When did it begin happening?
Now happens every time, just started happening today.

Steps to make it happen again
Launch game from Steam.

Have you tried launching the game from a shortcut icon?

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No, I never have shortcuts saved for Steam games I always run them from the Steam client. I won’t be able to try this until later but I don’t see why this would make a difference. I’ve been running it on both iPad and Steam for years this way.

Anyone have any ideas? I still have this issue and I literally cannot run Gems of War any more! (using a desktop shortcut didn’t help by the way)

You can make a ticket on the supportpages. That helped me in the past when I had problems.

@Cyrup @Kafka this guy is unable to launch gems at all!

They should see this when they get in, and they run on aussie time.

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Hey there, sorry I missed this! @rethanon

As you’ve already done some general troubleshooting we will likely need some crash logs for this issue. Please try step 6 here:

If that doesn’t work, can you please send through the crash logs to support? I can create a support account and ticket for you if you like. Please follow instructions are under " Game crash with “Oops!” error"

Thanks - I tried step 6 (holding SHIFT while the window is shown stating Preparing to launch Gems of War…) but that doesn’t work either. If you could create the ticket that would be great, then can I just add the crash.dmp and error.log files to the ticket?

Unless of course I can just attach the files here?

I don’t think Discourse/forums allows attaching files, sadly. :frowning:

I have created an account + ticket for you, please follow-up there if possible.

Although the ticket was raised 4 days ago there has not been a reply yet - I know there was a weekend in there any I’m not trying to be impatient, however I’m hoping there is an update soon as I’m literally unable to run the game at the moment :frowning: