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Candleskulls? Why is that for?

Can somebody tell me please why we have those crazy candle skulls?
Is there somebody’s birthday we must celebrate?
If so, here is a nice :birthday: for them… :sparkler: :kissing:

Anniversary of GoW.

It’s most likely due to the GOW anniversery.
They’ve also released a pet, Tiny Torte for the occasion.


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As other have said, it’s GoW’s birthday this week. The game has prospered for four full years now.

Very few games can list that accomplishment on their resumes/CVs. :+1:


Double rewards for treasure hunt this week please

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I spent 5 minutes trying to figure out what it had to do with Veterans Day. Smh.

Aha, GoW has his birthday.
Well happy Birthday then. :confetti_ball:
Fourth birthday? So I’m one of the “oldies” then? I’m playing GoW since november 2014… So that makes it a bit my anniversary too then.
Well anyway, again a very happy birthday/anniversary to GoW and all the first hour players. :sparkler::fireworks::sparkler: :tada:

Nice torte :ok_hand:
Looks very tasty :grin:

Settings / Graphics / Untick Holiday Gems…

What Candle Skulls? :+1:

Naaaaah, the devs are making the effort to cheer it up so why clicking it away?
I rather like them… :ok_hand:

Agh, this Pet makes me hungry.

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Just a quick question though…
Why is that it’s the 4th anniversary but the skulls have 5 candles on their heads?

Artistic balance :smiley: I’m assuming aesthetically this looks best. But I’ll double check

Dissapointed the cake only got 2 candles

I’m disappointed with the design, there are similarities to mini mimic. It just screams lazy design imo.

Maybe the mimic was partly imitating a cake

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a treasure chest cake

Skulls have no brain and thus they can’t count :crazy_face: