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Can we Make Claiming Seals Automatic?

With version 2.1, you can get seals for a number of things we were already doing in the game (PVP battles, daily login, etc). But you have to actually claim the seals for you and your guild to get credit.

Could we not make the claiming of seals automatic? We have some people in our guild that are donating gold to tasks but have yet to claim a seal. I suspect it’s that they don’t know they have to claim them. But since they don’t seem to be looking at the guild chat, we don’t have a way of letting them know.

Frankly, I’m not sure why claiming them doesn’t happen automatically when you earn them.


I also hate having to go in to Mail to pick up the log in bonus, vip bonus, guild rewards yada yada… automate this too please

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Some of those things shouldn’t be automatic - the ones where you don’t know for sure what it is. The ones that we do know, and get every single time exactly the same, on the other hand… those could stand to be automated…

Its a holdover from old guild tasks (and new guild tasks to an extent). Where you didn’t know if you were getting 12 Keys or 60 Keys. Etc.

Press once to collect and all info should be shown on one page. Instead of going through 3 or 4 things at a time.

Devs have mentioned it would be a strain on the servers if collection was automatic.

It was suggested instead that it should automatically collect on the daily reset.

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Are you the real Tyler Durden…:confused:

That would be an okay compromise. However, one drawback would be that if someone finishes the activity needed to get the seal now, they need to wait until the following day’s reset to get the seals (and potentially update the guild chest). So any seals earned on the last day of the week won’t help you upgrade the guild chest.

I wonder if a combination of the two is possible. Have the current system where someone can claim the seals now. But if they are still unclaimed on the daily reset, they are given automatically.

I’m not the real Tyler Durden from Fight Club. I’m also going to assume you’re not a real direwolf.

I’m aware there are several direwolf fakes running amok, but I am the real one. I learned to type at a very young age. I also like sandals, and pumpkin spice lattes. :astonished: I’ve been domesticated.

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I rather like that the seal collection is NOT automatic. It forces people to be aware of seals, and how they earn them, and so forth. Making seal collection automatic saves a TINY amount of time, but would allow thousands of players to forget about seals entirely.

A different way to help with collection might be to put a notification in mail, or even on main menu. A button to remind folks to collect their seals. At the very least a notification icon (and a number of uncollected seals?) on the guilds button would probably be a nice improvement.


The exclamation point indicator seems very appropriate here, as used elsewhere when there’s stuff to collect. That’s in the list of QoL improvements already.