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Can We Keep Him?

just had 2 battles where Volthrenax & Sylfrostenath gave out 1 temple treasure only


The coder(s) who keep releasing this inept coding?
The community would prefer that you didn’t. :roll_eyes:


Please someone tell me the mana color locks on weapons weren’t intended.
Edit: also, the bug with weapon color locks transferring to other game modes is still there, you are officially lazy.


Looks like @Fourdottwoone beat me to some of this.

Tier 4 - 94 Sigils - 526 avg points
Tier 5 - 108 Sigils - 604 avg points
Tier 6 - 126 Sigils - 705 avg points

Event needs 800 per player in a 30 person guild.

I will revise again and numbers will probably go up a little bit but you are still looking at tier 6 for each member + some at the moment. I am recommending T4 in case they revise it again.


I think this event should be named “Can We Forget It?”

Just ridiculous selection of troops and weapons.


Horrible practices. People are quitting GoW for a reason.


I think my main problem with these event types is that they get incredibly frustrating and demoralizing for lower level players. As a vet I have nearly all troops and weapons (and have them traited), and have ~80-ish bonus stat points from all my kingdom levels, so I have no problems successfully completing level 200+ battles and getting full score for the event. But when a low level player hits a wall at level 80 enemies, every battle they lose gives ZERO reward for the guild.

At least in Raids they can get a few casts off from the Slayer troop on the Boss before their team is wiped, and they can slowly help the guild progress, and in Invasions they can still contribute with 1 or 2 tower kills per battle once they hit a wall.


I’ve said this once, I’ll say it again.
Replicating your most least played event…aka Class Trials… In any shape or form is simply dumb-ass-ery.
There’s literally no other reasoning for it.
Class Trials used to be the most restricting event but at least they were individual based. So easily skipped for those who hated the formula.
Now with including even more restrictions not only makes your designers look bad. By showing how uneven troops and weapons are balanced between the kingdoms.
But also making it a guild event you now guilt people into playing a game mode that clearly NONE of you bother to play prior to release. (Shows why the design choices are so out of touch with what players want.)
This is a game made for adults… played by adults… guilting adults into playing something they most likely won’t enjoy should read like an oxymoron.

I’m very much aware of your attrition rate 505/I+2.
But how in the hell do you make money despite everything wrong with the game? I am simply astounded and bewildered.


Can anyone confirm if/when the boss “vanishes” if you don’t attack on sight? I’m currently out of sigils looking at Elemaugrim. Would be ridiculous to lose it.

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Yes, it vanishes. I just saw it in West position, but went south for Voltrenax, and after this battle Elemaugrim flew away - replaced with some Voltrenax or Sylfrostenath. Not even moved to other place, just vanished.

I’m pretty sure it only leaves if you do another battle within the event. Navigating away from the screen until tomorrow should be fine.


Ok, just a little feedback for the Devs (as others have already said).

1 The cub is cute but charm should be random troop, not troop 1.

2 It’s a bit odd to put a Raid Boss troop in world event but Thank YOU!! as troop makes World Event Shops so much better


I m amazed that the scoring problem haven’t been solved after 3 wolrd events.
We all know that no one play test this before release but i thought that as least one of the devs want things to go smoothly.


I have no Manticore Protector in shop tiers or anywhere. A reboot fails to find him, except in unowned…

Edit, he appeared when bought stage 2. :roll_eyes:

This event is even worse than Council of Chiefs. The restrictions that are placed just so we are forced to only use the new Godslayer troop and no others (we see you) totally gimp the gameplay experience. I hope that all of the high-level guilds (including my own) tell their members to not waste gems to complete this travesty! At least the previous two Events were fun in their own way.

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Did they push a patch that forced my game to restart?
(Nothing posted on the forums about it.

What do you mean? I have had a few CTDs on iOS in the past couple of weeks, but I attributed those to hardware failure on my part.

Just realized that of the limited 4 weapons available to use a hero in this God awfully designed event… Only one of them is craft able in the forge.

What’s it like to be the Trump of designers?
(Assuming one person is responsible for this Idiocracy.)

Myself and plenty of others are trying our best to keep the game fun for our peers to help with Retention.

HELP US HELP YOU for Krysts Franking sake! :angry:

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Haha. Same old new event nonsense. I just take it for what it is; buy tier 4 and have no score expectations in general. That’s the only way to keep your powder dry and still contribute to the guild. I don’t care about it cos there is no point getting wound up about the RNG foundation of these events. Save your gems and do the minimum.

There’s no new weapon, there’s no point in buying tier 4