Can we keep campaign running the 'Blank Week'

Between campaigns.

I know I am slow. I only get maybe 5 hours a week to play now. It would be very nice to have this
'Blank week between old chapters and new campaign book.

I pay the little extra to get the goodies. It would be nice to be able to finish.


Every campaign has had a week with nothing in between.

Yes but you can’t DO anything… all the tasks are gone.

My request is - I would like that have an extra week that is no new chapters to finish previous chapters.

That’s… not how campaigns work.

I think that’s the point of asking for them to work that way :wink:

I would appreciate this change too. Wouldn’t mind getting more use out of the artifact. Not that I have any illusions that it might happen.


Which is why this is a feature request…

The request is literally “instead of a blank week, can we have a ‘catch-up’ week.”

It’s similar to people requesting their stats persist in the off-week. Which isn’t a bad idea, since one week (often less) of max stats is sort of a bummer :man_shrugging:

EDIT to add that, if stats aren’t extended because if you want stats longer, buy the more expensive pass to get them sooner reason(s), then this request as-is is also really interesting because letting tasks be completed for one more week, and rewards (sans stats) unlocked in similar fashion, could help people who did buy passes get what they spent money to achieve (but maybe failed to get due to unforeseen circumstances), and provide goodwill without also introducing an “unfair” advantage.


Alright, let me clarify what I meant when I said that’s not how campaigns work.

When you say you want this blank week to be one you can “catch up” on previous chapters, what you’re asking for is for all previous campaign tasks to be available to you? I imagine the problem is that in your five hours of game time per week, you aren’t able to complete all of the assigned tasks, so you never get the max points per week.

Well, this is going to sound like me being a dick, but, maybe don’t pay money for the campaign pass then. You’re getting as many points as you can, and that’s okay. No one is really competing against anyone else. You can play at your own pace.

The way campaigns are set up is that they reward you a max amount of points for completing the week’s tasks in that week. You can get up to that amount. You don’t need to get that amount though. The next week, you get more tasks to get up to that amount.

It’d be like asking for all the week’s dungeons to be able on Sunday so people can catch up on the diamonds they missed throughout the week. That’s just not how it’s designed.

emphasis mine, with the bold portion being false

Uncompleted tasks already carry over from one week to the next, so this is just an ask for an extension of that mechanic, not a “do-over” :man_shrugging:

Sorry, yes, you’re correct, you can keep doing the tasks until the campaign ends. My point was that players who are “playing along” can get up to the max amount of points available and they can collect their rewards. At some point, it would be impossible, without skipping tasks, to complete the campaign, if you weren’t playing along – tasks like completing adventure boards multiple times or dungeons.

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Actually, I’d love this. There’s another gacha I play that recently added something like this. They, like GoW, have dailies. You get a “sigil” per day. Miss a day? No problem. You can do that missed daily the next day. They have a cap so you can only save a week’s worth. This is an awesome feature for casual players.

Delves are kind of like that too. You can start a delve but finish it whenever. :white_check_mark:

I like the idea of extending the campaign an extra week as a catch up week. Otherwise, it’s just a wasted week. May as well use it for something.


Some weeks I play 2 hours each night because I have the time. Sometimes I play on the weekend only. You play how you play - I play how I play and that - is why this is a feature request.

There must have been enough of us paying out gems to bypass tasks because one of the BEST features I have seen GoW create - is Reroll a task for Campaign and Skip a task. - So there is already the thought about those who are trying to catch up.

This is the first campaign I didn’t finish since the start. I ran out of Gems to buy my way out. Normally I have enough stockpiled.

So before you continue lecturing me on how it works, remember - This is a Feature request - to change How it works!

Thank you…and it is my point…if it’s going to be there - let the rest of us who want to finish - finish what we can. They might even make another $49.00 off someone who will say screw this I am buying my way out.

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Would this be through buying a bunch of gems last minute or do you want a “finish/skip all my unfinished tasks” button that shows up on the last Sunday for a price, be it gems and/or $$? (i.e. a catch-all button so the user wouldn’t have to skip each individual task but would still pay the expected price, possibly plus a convenience fee)

Feel free to disregard this question as it’s bordering on off-topic.

As a Product Developer no, I don’t think it’s going off topic, because my feature request is rather vague.

I first want to see how the next campaign is going to go with the new feature enhancements to skip and re-roll goes because the three things that get me stuck:

The incorrect location where something can be found to kill specific Troops. I figured out that it those troops are really part of that week’s Event.

The times I have missed getting 5 such as WorldBreaker because the week’s event had passed so I ended up slowing down as I went to level 10 Explore of and the recommended kingdom which was DIvinion Fields, and did 30 explore sets and only managed to get 1 WorldBreaker. Mind you that cleared out almost all of my 3 point tasks, and a couple of the mid tasks that had kill 100 yellow troops or what not.

Second thing, is the ever increasing number of ‘actions needed to finish a task now’ I remember in the first couple of campaigns, for the 10 point (mid tasks) it was 3 Treasure hunts. Did anyone else notice last one was 5? Or the PVP going from 4 wins to 20 wins?

And last it’s just stacking the aventure/dungeon tasks at the end of the week in the order, instead of putting them in the beginning of the week. That - right there - having to do 2-4 days to get those tasks completed locks out doing anything else.

Yes I know I can plan my activities by looking at the cheat sheet that comes out by someone at the beginning of the week to figure out the best path through the campaign… but I already spend most of my day -planning out someone else’s work and product and engagement for paying products, I just want a little relaxation.

I buy the first tier package for the Campaign - because I liked some of the goodies (especially stuff for the delves since I dislike the Underworld game almost as much as I dislike GW because of the very same reason, crashes, then I loose the entire run.

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I don’t recall ever having to do 5.