Can we have a new boards category, please, called 'Complaints'?

That way I can just mute the whole category.



That will never happen… It would be waaaaaaayyyy too full…

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Is this a request or a complaint, Eika? :wink:


Since it is in the #feature-requests category i would say its a request @Drathas

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hehe, I couldnt see any Complaint category. :wink:

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I am for this 100% minus the face it would be a completely ignored section by the devs…Great idea in theory though.

and it would free up the “messiness” in some of the other categories.

This is a forum - by definition a majority of members come here to complain… excluding those that come here to troll or pick fights…

I complain a lot. I am British, and married. I practise complaining every day, both professionally and casually. But complaints here are more often playing opposing sides of debates - sometimes exposing errors, sometimes helping devs identify areas to improve - and sometimes giving people better counters and advice. And sometimes just a rant, yes.