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Can we give the endless negativity a break?

No please stop right there. Dont turn into one of the negative zombies. That would kill me. There is not many of us left…

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Exactly this. Spot on. Unless we bounce up and down like energiser bunnies absolutely nothing happens.

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You know, you’re absolutely right

Devs release this utter snafu of a patch that makes running their content either blood-boilingly frustrating at best or impossible at worst, and slap us in the face by dubbing it “community week”

This utter disgrace has been so astonishingly, sumptuously, flagrantly mishandled, that from where I stand I can see only one silver lining: it’s forcing me at last to confront a nasty flaw in my own psyche and admit the only thing bringing me back is sunk costs – years and years of time squandered that I simply couldn’t bear to let go

Even before this patch sucked the life out of everything other than explore 1, the game had completely lost its savor

Day after day I log in not because it’s fun, but because it calls to me like to a compulsive gambler passing the casino on his drive home

I’m done. Letting go, uninstalling now. I hope the rest of you fare better than me here. So long GoW




A broad brush opening post that depicts the forum users as negative leaves you open to challenge I am afraid, when it is not reflective of the experience most people have.

I’ve been (I believe) a fair poster where I’ve either given kudos or taken issue, in other words objective over the years. I have to admit that there is a lot of frustration with recent releases, which does not help objectivity when it happens over and over again.

The sheer volume of issues we get with this game can largely be avoided (in my opinion of course). Releasing an update and then going home and then finding it broken is perhaps one of the worst issues we seem to get. This is evidenced with the catalogue of broken things on release - like nearly everything for months and months.

If the devs could only prevent that, by simply adjusting the time they finish work on release (like one person starting two hours later and finishing two hours later, just one suggestion of many possible) then a whole host of problems going back a couple of years would most likely have not occurred and not frustrated players.

I see today that Nimhain has quickly fixed an issue after release, after reset, which is absolutely great.

So, there is some positivity there, and there has been from other things, but if things do go wrong there has to be some criticism to hope to get it right. @Avathar posted a really good post as to the reasons why we have had to be vocal to get matters addressed, which were either mistakes or intended, that significantly effected the playing experience.

I will just pick one issue I can remember that really would have changed the game experience for everyone. That was the change to the sunspear class and removing the red storm. A very significant change which would have slowed down gold/trophy/token/levelling acquisition significantly for every player, including those that did not have the class at that point, aiming to aspire to getting it. At that time there was no Tink Steamwhistle either.

This forum was a vehicle to help change that. Without the unrest, we’d be far worse off as players. It got changed back.

As consumers, especially as paying consumers, we have every right to point out problems. Customer Support does not handle things like this forum can, so sadly it’s about the only place where legitimate problems can be raised.

I do agree with you that some people go off a lot, maybe too much.



Switch still gets the most bugs (including some that persisted for way too long) and the most mistakes in weekly content/events/releases. Also, after nearly 2.5 years, the game still consistently crashes nearly every day if you wake it from sleep after the daily reset. So I’d say we have even more reason to feel like we’ve been disregarded, we’re basically second class citizens even among GoW players.


@terberos Thanks for liking my jokes. Every little counts. And that is positive that someone likes them.


They are actually not that bad :joy:


Da gebe ich dir völlig recht, allerdings muss ich etwas dazu sagen: Auch ich spiele bereits mehrere Jahre und habe mein Geld investiert. Wenn ich dann jedoch bemerken muss das meine Einheiten oder Waffen zurückgesetzt werden dann ärgert es mich schon (Beispiel Seelenschlüßel usw.) Und was die Lykantrophie betrifft: Die U-Welt ist dadurch Unspielbar geworden und besonders ärgerlich zeigt sich das bei Level 500 mit Terri Troops: Nein das ist nicht mehr OK und dazu hatten wir hier bereits Umfragen die auch Merheitlich mit meiner Meinung übereinstimmten. Leider intressiert das aber Niemanden in der Entwicklungsabteilung es bleibt alles einfach so wie es ist Basta! So behandelt man keine Kunden und wenn dann einem enttäuschten Gamer mal die Nerven durchgehen und er seinem Ärger mal wütend Luft macht ist das nur zu Verständlich.


Hmmmmm - I get some conflicting messages here. ‘Broad brush’ when I said that SOME users whose every post is negative, and what do you know - several of them jumped straight onto to be: negative, go figure.

@xolid99, you decided to take it to the next level by badging me as a troll but then portrayed yourself as a ‘fair poster’. That’s fine. You be you and if it helps to try and drag me down, so be it.

Once again major kudos to @Eika for genuinely getting where I was coming from and for trying to keep the positive going through! Be More Eika will be my mantra now!


Hyperbole? Overexaggeration? You start by saying some people, then go on about the place being toxic. In fact you mention mass trolling… Make your mind up. I know you recently posted that you thought it was comedy that people were upset with problems with the game, lemme see now… here it is…

[quote=“Sherby74, post:27, topic:70189, full:true”]

You know we may have had a breakthrough today and have the devs actually fixing issues with the game after reset on Friday, rather than waiting until Mondays… You know, working properly and all that, as it should be during the weekend.


You should start doing this every time things heat up even a little🤔 Talking about heat and things, do we already know what the next campaign power gem is? Didn’t know where I should put this question, so…


Good idea, but it already takes more than enough time cleaning the negativity out of this thread. Will continue tho as it works.

I understand, you will run out of jokes if this keeps up!

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Right, nothing last forever they say.