Can we disenchant now?

@Sirrian, can we disanchant troops now? Or will there be some new feature that will use extra cards in an upcoming version ?

I’m asking because, well you know…


Oh god what have I done?? What have I DONE?!

OK I haven’t touched Epics or Legendaries. Because reasons.

Waiting for Sirrian’s answer here…

My experience says never ever do it again. They got rid of mass disenchant for a reason…

I actually did disenchant all my common, rares, and ultra rares, but that is only because they are all so common from gold and glory keys.

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I think once you have 4 mythic of something that you should disenchant all extras of >4 cause you can get the extras back no problem

I want to have confirmation fron the dev. What if you can exchange troops for traitstone in the future?!?

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omg that is true but thats in 3 months so wouldn’t you have all traitstones bt that time?

No, not in 3 months. Maybe a year at this speed.

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I second the estimate of a year. Probably longer actually. Depends on what acquisition methods we gain access to in the future.

Anyone wanna bet if the game survives another year there will be no new tier with another star? I tried to think other games as example, failed miserably :wink:

But other comments are still right, by then we will more than likely collect enough of the commoner things to make up.

So… I don’t want to say that we will NEVER need excess troop cards again, because I don’t have a crystal ball to see that far ahead.
We don’t have anything PLANNED in the next 3-4 months that will require excess cards, but the possibility is always there (as Pasa says) that we may add another rarity one day in the far future. That’s the ONLY reason I could imagine requiring more cards though… there’s enough things to improve on a troop now without adding an extra system.

Crafting Confirmed, 2017. :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

I will take that bet and raise you that it might survive for another two years tops. I base it on the map size and the number of areas possible and the fact that we can mix bonus stats with colour combinations. Also we can have a mini game for every kingdom. The tweaking of stats and character design and the release of weapons also adds to the longevity of the game.

I’d play the game even if they stopped releasing new stuff…might make the game better imo lol,or do you mean by then the game will fail money wise in your estimate?

My estimate was ignoring money and was more based on how long it takes to make 8 seasonal imps and if they release alot of content every 3 months. If i were to bet based on money or popularity it might survive 10 years do to the longevity of the player base and youth training that has been mentioned in the forums. ((dad has hobby based on this game and hobbies are sometimes picked up by the kid.) (see trains or fishing.)) Also this game goes through what i call the complaint roller-coaster. When an update comes out complaints skyrocket. After it has been out for a month the complaints go down by alot. This includes bug reports on the forums and complaints of overpowered teams. Also i base monetary longevity on how active and social the devs are to their player base which makes players feel more included and makes the players want to play the game more or like me read more of the forums.

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