Can Stun override talents from Talent Tree?

I understand that stun causes your traits to be deactivated. Does it also affect your class’ talent tree? Or is there something else that overrides active class talents?

I’m using Warlord and most of the time my Hero is immune to burning and the ‘Fireproof’ text appears on screen when they would otherwise be burned. But sometimes they do get burned. Just wanting to understand why.

yup, stun removes talents too when active.

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So are talents considered to be ‘traits’? Or is stun deactivating talents just something that isn’t documented?

From what I can remember, it was always just like that when reworked Heroes with Hero Talents were released. So yeah, I guess talents are just considered traits. There’s no gameplay mechanics where it needs any differentiation so far and I don’t remember if they ever explained it.

It might be in one of the super old patch notes that I don’t feel like digging for.

All of this happened before their Zendesk started writing any game guides, so if they neglected to add a line to the millions of mechanics in Gems of War, I wouldn’t hold it against them.

I mean, it’s not like you’ll see a popular response if you couldn’t stun talents. Imagine telling people the Stealthy talent on the Thief hero class couldn’t be stunned.


Thank you again! :grinning:

Not looking to hold it against anyone, just trying to sort out my own confusion.

I’ve played roguelike games where there’s almost no documentation and you have to work out things by trying it yourself. So deducing the mechanics is part of the game, which can be fun.

With GoW, it seems the documentation is old or incomplete. I find that much more confusing because you don’t know if what is written is reliable or not. i.e. If it doesn’t work as stated, am I doing something wrong, is there a bug, or is the documentation wrong? :crazy_face:


To be thorough, Stun can also override boons from Delve rooms – e.g., if you receive “Arcane” from defeating the appropriate room, getting Stunned will turn that off, too.


Does it? I remember the tidal affix (gain submerge on cast) on the enemy team still proccing when they were stunned.

Tidal Affix is a … curious case, because that uses the “affix” system (secondary effects that occur after spellcast), not the Trait system (secondary effects that are always in effect).

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