Can someone pls explain this to me?

This week event is about bonus souls using forest troll in PVP.
Too bad that my usual farming team TDS/necrox3 gets 200 souls, swapping a necromancy traited troop for the forest troll (in PVP) gives me only 160 souls.
The question arises: what is said event good for?
Thank you.

Its good for a vacation from doing an event.

It helps those players that don’t yet have a good soul farming team. Back when I started out I would have been very happy for an opportunity like this one.


in Explore only, not PvP mate.

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It’s good for beginners. New players who do not yet have access to many troops with the Necromancy Trait, or even good soul generators, are able to use this event to help get a start.

The bonus soul events quickly become moot for players. Just a while guess, but I figure by level 30 a new player has access to enough other soul generation troops for this event to not have much value.