Can someone explain me

Here are screens from scouts and battles vs Intrim players.
How is possible to get +6 magic in pvp normal battles? (and probably more extra no-idea stats)?

Kingdoms that have Magic as their specialty - get them to level 10 gets you 5
Kingdoms at 5 stars doubles that - That right there gives now you have 10
Guild contributing getting Purple task completed and finally 12 additional magic

Also there are troops that at + to skills (Magic is a skill)

Also as this is the Hero, higher levels can give Magic stats as well. (I forget the exact thresholds though)

Maximum what can be get from cities is 25. I am asking why he gain +6 in battle - as you can see there is no “extra magic” from units they have.

Purple statue can give +2

Also All the images you showed are Mechanist Heros… and while we can’t see the type, I’m guessing they have the Power Armor trait active making them count as Mechs, which would give them +25% to all Stats.

I get +3 just from that bonus, and if you add in a +5 for using a brown weapon then that would probably add another point or so.

EDIT just checked, it changes from +3 to +4 if using a brown weapon. So there is your +6. +2 from Purple Task, +4 from Mech week boost and using a brown weapon.

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Hero Class can add +2. Guild could add another +2. - so there is 4

Actually all the screenshots are Mechanist, and that class doesn’t have the +2 magic perk (but does have the Mech perk, see my previous post)

Ok maybe I should reverse question:
Why when I use same units, same hero, same weapon, have almost full upgraded cities with magic (only one give 1 instead 2), fully upgraded guild and have -6 magic to them?

Which Perk are you using on your hero? Also what is your hero level and their hero level?

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You looked at your own damage in the pre-battle team select, where your weapon counts as a red weapon for some reason(bug probably).
That is why you miss the +5 magic for using a Brown weapon in that preview, if you actually looked in the battle it would have shown the correct 29 instead of 24 damage for you using a Brown weapon, putting you just 1 damage behind your opponent, accounted for by your one magic missing from kingdoms.

Actually OP is still +5 behind (I’m guessing Mech perk missing?) since they’re on 19 Damage/Magic vs 24 in one of the original screenshots that was also pre-battle.

I had forgotten about the pre-battle weapon colour bug though. Good thing to remember.

That 19 damage screen is without Mech Event Bonus(another perk enabled), you can see it from his other stats armor/health(58/55), further above he posted a pre-battle screen with 24 damage(mech perk enabled), that is with the active mech Event Bonus(armor/health now 77/69), just missing the 5 from using a Brown weapon that aren’t accounted for in the pre-battle screen, but will be active in battle like normal.


Can confirm that my manacles damage reduces from 31 to 25 when I select armour rather than Mechanist as the perk. Best I change it back now…

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Thanks everyone for help.
By whole game I never pay attention that are “perk to choise”. Thats why I didnt get bonus from mechs.