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Can not view profiles PS4

This keeps popping up and it’s very annoying…I can’t view a guildmate’s profile or an enemy one…what’s going on here?

This is VERY bad for me…cannot connect to guildmates and this hurts my recruiting…is there a fix for this…or when will there be one?

this change to support is almost the worst thing that happened to this game…almost

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@Saltypatra is there a fix to this?

Exercise a little patience. You haven’t even given the devs time to respond. Patience is a virtue.

Actually there is a 4 day old post in the known bugs that the devs are asking Sony about it.

Of course the fix will probably be v3.5 a few months away. The joys of playing untested console patches.

They really need to get on it sooner than that to be honest…I have already had people leave the guild because of “non comminucation” and lost many chances to recruit.

Sony needs to get back to the devs real quick…I spent a LOT of rt money on this broken as he!! game.

Unless it’s a back door Sony fix, you know the months long patch delay. They don’t play test console, never did, they never will. It’s ‘too hard’ to test in the live environment.

Try putting a message in guild chat with psn id telling new ppl to message you.

I also was thinking it would be nice to have the guild announcement posted in the guild tabs itself somewhere. Maybe on the first page around the admin area.
Just so ppl can see it everytime they enter guild without having to pull up chat.


I have checked with the development team and this issue is currently with QA. Unfortunately I can’t provide any other details or updates at this stage.

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I hope it get’s done soon, I am losing members and can’t recruit for the life of me. and thank you

What is QA? exactly?

QA team is those that test bug I guess.

Just to further on this issue, we have identified what the problem is, although it may take a bit of time to fix, so please bear with the wait a bit longer. From the initial investigation, it shouldn’t require a new client update, although if we do find any further problems, the fix should be rolled into 3.5. Just for some more info on the problem, there has been a change on Sony’s side on how user information has been stored, and unfortunately this has broken the view profile functionality on PS4. We will need to migrate this new data from Sony’s servers onto our servers, which can take a bit of time once it starts.


Quality Assurance

But we know they do little console testing, and probably none of that in a live environment like ps network and xbox live.

Yep @WishKiller ! Quality Assurance work across our different platforms to test the game for functionality (crashing, performance etc) and then gameplay issues (spell working correctly, new features e.g. Raid Boss working as designed, etc). Some game studios also have “QA” but they have Quality Analysts. That role is a bit different.

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This should now be resolved



Look above lol

Thank you @GoldPhoenix0 for the quick fix. Glad to see it done before the next update. :clap::clap::clap::clap:.

Poaching season is coming up and without the profiles this would never work.

Keep up the great work!:+1::ok_hand:

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The bug is fixed when accessing from Global/Guild chat windows but issue still exists if accessing from the Guild Roster menu. Strange…

I’ll retest later in case of the delays you mentioned above

Thank you and your whole team for getting this fixed. It was hard to run the guild without being able to message players that don’t look at the chat . THANK YOU THANK YOU THANK YOU

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