Can I play GoW on two devices at same time?

Can I play GOM at the same time?
like two guys play different devices at the same time

Not at exactly the same time, no. If the server detects you participating in battles on a second device, you are implicitly signed out on the first device and will need to restart the game on the first device before you can play on it again. This makes it effectively impossible to play on two devices at once, as any game in progress when another finishes will be denied by the server (“It seems this battle may already have completed” or one of several similar error messages that result in your battle being flagged as a loss).

It is quite possible to play on two devices one after the other, however – many PC/Mobile players do this, by swapping between their phone and their PC depending on where they are.


Thanks for your kindly reply

What is GOM?
You mean GoW, Gems of War, right?

I edited the title to make it clearer. @lyya’s answer is correct - no more multiboxing nowadays.

Just a small clarification: I don’t play on 2 devices at the same time, but such an error sometimes occurs even when using only one. However AFAIR the battle was always treated as if it never happened, not as a loss. Am I wrong here? Or maybe it’s different when you actually use 2 devices?