Can delve pets expire?

Delve pets are delivered through reward mail, when reaching enough points in the underworld kingdom.
Reward mails and their contents are deleted after being unclaimed 7 days. Also they do not get through, if the mail is already filled up to its capacity limit.

The thought just crosssed my mind, that this may in theory become a problem with pets, that only exist in a strictly limited amount ingame. Now, sure it is more than unlikely, that someone who takes the effort to clear high level delves, does not go to pick up their rewards or has their inbox overfilled. But the question remains: Can pets become permanently lost, if this case should occur?


I know, it’s a while ago, that I started this topic, but I am still curious about it. Has anybody informations on the subject by now? Might be a fun experiment for a test server.

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The same question could also apply to Class Weapons.

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I guess we all know the answer

pet/weapon expires > need to create a ticket > wait 6 month or more > achieve your leftovers or die by waitin for it :wink:

I think that those in-game mails have a far longer expiration time than the regular daily rewards. A player who doesn’t pick up his reward in that time is not likely to come back anyway.

Just got the chance to check this. No.

Even one day less than I thought.

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