Can anyone identify this troop art?

What is the troop/hero image in the 3 trophy fight? I’ve never seen it and I can’t find it on taransworld. When I clicked on it to preview the team, it disappeared. Thanks.


Looks like humility, but it’s all skewed

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In the old UI this would be the representation of the enemy team unless you use 50 gold scout, or have auto-scout from VIP if i’m not mistaken.


Unless the artwork got a serious redo?

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That looks the Player Avatar from the tutorial, before you select your appearance.


It’s caused by Zuul’Goth being on the defense. Since there isn’t an image for Zuul’Goth for the PvP screen.

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lol, I guess the plan was “wait until a player gets it and files a bug report to make the art”?

Or, I guess more likely:

This morning someone went through and manually removed a bunch of ZGs from teams. That leaves a slot empty. Maybe this is what happens when the game picks an empty slot as the representation?

Either way, lots of shenanigans lately. It’s not fun being the 3.3 client using prerelease 3.4 servers.

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Could be his soon to-be introduced evil twin?

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It’s still shows up like that on xbox and as of five minutes ago, they have not removed zuul from anyone’s defense teams.

To be fair, the person who did it said they “manually did it for PS4”.

No one asked them to check PC and XBox while they were at it.

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Thanks for the answer. It was driving me crazy trying to figure out what this thing is! So many crazy visual things happen in this game that it’s hard to see straight sometimes lol

Wow nim isin’t 5am in Australia? you are early at work :slight_smile:

Yes I had the same image when I fought a team with Zuul in PvP.

Unlikely, due the absence of a thin, long and curved mustache as well as the typical evil attire. You can see below an example of a classic evil twin:


:rofl::rofl::rofl: (10 char)

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