Campaign weapon takes nearly 5 seconds to cast. Please speed up

As the title says, the new campaign weapon takes almost 5 seconds to go through its animation after cast (at 4x game speed) This may seem like it is not a big deal, but it is very frustrating if you are tying to use it on a faster team. I know there is a lot going on with this weapon, I just wonder if it is possible to speed this process up or something, because its comical now how slow it is.

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Why would you even use that weapon? It destroys a column and does Magic+6 scatter damage, with no boosts. Oh, and it creates 6 bomb gems AFTER destroying the column, so you give your opponent 6 bomb gems… fantastic.


not trying to say the weapon is good, but it is not as horrible as many are making it out to be.

First…if the enemy team has no destroy or explode option, bomb gems are yours period.

Second, if used with a wish gem team (like last season mythic) you not only give mana to your team (and yes chance of backfire) but also set up for your next cast to fill mana again, or with the weapons unlocks destroying 3 random gems possibly mana for anyone not filled from wish gem. When it goes off, it is amazing what it ends up doing…

Youtuber Crisp-purpose posted a video of a team using this weapon. Again, I am not saying it is a great weapon, but it’s fun at times using something different, and people like to try out different ideas.

This weapon taking 5 seconds after cast is ridiculous.

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Thanks for mentioning this Youtuber. I had never heard of him. He has some good content.

Anywho, I really had fun with that team. I love playing with high risk, unconventional teams from time to time. :partying_face:


Almost seems like it could be some timing that could be adjusted . Since only thing that makes something else happen like that is a some really lucky cascades. But this clearly does a Looney Tunes hanging in mid air.

Than it happens. Just wait for it.

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Ok you got me laughing for real because that is it absolutely…

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Saw it on Tacet’s stream was like.