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Campaign tasks - Summoning Stones

Please consider removing the Summoning Stone tasks from the Campaigns. Since Summoning Stones can only return a small selection of troops with a max rarity of Epic, it can’t be all that uncommon for a player to have all 4 troops for a given color at Mythic status. When this is the case, this task is just a matter of deciding which limited currency you want to throw away more - gems or colored jewels.


Honestly, for newer players this shouldn’t be an issue, as they should gain some troops with it.
With endgame players it also should be an issue, because colored jewels are in aboundance (at least for anyone that does dungeon battles daily).
So it’s probably an issue only for mid-game players, who need those jewels to craft few missing weapons…

They’re in abundance now, but with soulforge-only weapons every week and Campaign elite pass mythics to craft, they won’t be. And there’s no way to increase the amount you’re collecting outside of non-stop pet rescues.

There aren’t any. There are only those few which new players can buy for $ while they haven’t finished kingdom questline and which are avaible in soulforge (so 34 weapons total). Other than that, everything else is what used to be on raid/invasion release. Also nobody knows which campaign weapons will show up in soulforge and when. I’m at the point where i crafted every possible weapon that is/was possible to craft in soulforge. Still got lots of those colored jewels and i recall some time ago i used to burn a lot of them for summoning stones (mainly hunting for some epics to power level my kingdoms). I tell you, those gems aren’t realy a thing…

Troops of legendary and mythic rarity require diamonds to craft. Diamonds aren’t used by summoning stones. Only lesser gems.

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Interesting - so you had Trident of Merlantis before this week?

Nope, because is wasn’t possible to craft it until today. Same goes for all kingdoms which didn’t have their week since weapons were added to the game. But my alt was able to buy it for cash since those weapons were added to the game. (not sure which update it was 5.0 / 5.1 maybe ?)

Nope, because is wasn’t possible to craft it until today. Same goes for all kingdoms which didn’t have their week since weapons were added to the game. But my alt was able to buy it for cash since those weapons were added to the game. (not sure which update it was 5.0 / 5.1 maybe ?)

Correct. There have been 26 weapons released in this series so far, the weapons with text reading “If the Enemy is from XXX, deal double damage.” They’ve been released at a rate of one per week, and they require colored jewels to craft, which is the basis of my claim “soulforge-only weapons every week.”

Not sure what you’re objecting to, unless it’s that these weapons could be purchased with cash instead of crafting?

I’ve 2 weapons this week appear, Fire Staff and the weekly one. 600 red stones to craft. :neutral_face: 20% of entire stash…

I have been offered Pistol of Adana before, twice actually for cash. Then it appears in Adana week. Misleading, good job Scrooge manages my account…

The anti-kingdoms weapons are specifically targeted for those “missing weapon” for cash offers. They push those offers, even though they can craft them in the soulforge without spending cash.
I’ve got 40 weapons missing from my collection (I don’t buy Campaign passes). Do you know how many non anti-kingdom weapon offers I’ve gotten?
ZERO. none.
Do you know how many anti-kingdom weapons I’m missing?

It will be interesting to see what happens after this campaign ends and all those new weapons have been crafted. I wonder if we’ll get another bunch of 34 useless weapons added to unowned.

Pretty much the same. Missing loads of weapons as didn’t start day 1. Not missed any since started. I recently got Withering Touch as a craftable, not sure when that came out. So I keep getting the new ones, but red and blue need some relief from the campaign. Probably will have to skip for gems soon on those two.

Rest are fine. Least no more raid or invasion troops to try by this method, or offers for them.

Its probably that we use different definition of “released” weapon.
For me, weapon is released once it’s added to the game and is avaible for players to get.

With that definition, all 33 kingdom weapons(as axe of spire already was ingame) were added with update 5.0 as weapon packs, and first day of patch 5.0 is their “release date”, because since that day they were avaible for players to get:

  • those, who haven’t finished their kingdom quests with cash as part of weapon pack
  • those who have already finished quest line in that kingdom: in soulforge, once it’s week of that kingdom

And it doesn’t matter that some of kingdoms didn’t have their week since 5.0 kicked in. Their weapons are already in-game and players can get them in other way.

Same definition goes for any content added by campaigns-> these mythics/weapons are in-game even, if they haven’t showed up in soulforge yet.

Wasn’t it part of last Khetar Raid/Invasion event ?

These events still bring up new weapons -> like Pirate Signet last week.

I’d actually feel very happy about that. While those weapons might not see play they’ll still help me to meet kingdom power requirements. Especially since we no longer get a new weapon each week through events.

We still get new ones with factions and Invasions/Raids. Sometimes even with World Event…
But yeep, that’s not 100% guaranted they will show up in each week.