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Campaign Task

Platform, device version and operating system: Windows 10

Screenshot or image:

What you were expecting to happen, and what actually happened:
The current easy task says to open 2 event chests. I completed 2 runs in the Faction Assault event and opened the chests. I was not credited in the task with opening these 2 chests.

Steps to make it happen again
Complete the Faction Assault event and check if credit was received for opening the chest at the end.

You need to use 2 Event Keys (green keys) on chests screen, to complete this quest.

Not the faction chests.

OK, well… obviously the task was poorly worded since it can be misinterpreted so easily.

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Dont think so, no one in our guilds had a problem with that.

maybe because you are all more experienced player than OP ?

if he got confused, than probably wording could be improved (insted of open 2 event chest, it could say; open 2 chests with event keys)


A lot of texts in this game should be improved before this. Wasnt there even a picture of the event keys next to the task?


Not poorly worded. You imagined the word ‘event’ where there is no such word in faction assault.

Playing devil’s advocate, they do technically say it’s an event in the News section :nerd_face::

Wild Court
Earn extra Faction rewards in this event!

But I agree with you guys. I don’t think it’s easy to misinterpret this.

I have over 3600 hours playing GOW. I started before traitstones were added to the game. If the text was so poorly worded that I was confused what was meant by an event chest, there’s room for improvement in that text.

Maybe it would help to rename event chests/keys to kingdom chests/keys?