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Campaign Lore Cypher

I started playing around with decrypting the campaign lore text. Before I spend too much time on it, I was curious if it’s actually decryptable or if it’s complete gibberish. Hopefully @Saltypatra can answer. I’m not looking for how it’s encrypted, just whether or not the runes are a gibberish placeholder or whether there is a method to the madness. Or maybe someone has already cracked the code.

This is just something I find entertaining. Hopefully there is a cypher.


It’s gibberish. The symbols are celtic runes; but they are seemingly random - they don’t seem to correlate to the ending words in a meaningful way.

If you ever played the Ultima series back in the 80’s 90’s then the characters are very familiar.


I immediately thought of Ultima too! Was going to revisit my cloth maps when I returned home from work. Thanks for letting me know it would be a wasted effort, but enjoyed that others had a trip down memory lane.

Will still await official reply but this is pretty much what I assumed. While the runes match in number of characters, I also have not found any correlation (yet).

That’s what happens when you get excited that one of the Zodiac cyphers was finally solved.

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There are repeated runes too often in the code where the final word does not have this. It is more apparent if you screenshot the code then the final phrase.

I tried this when it first came out, using a variety of runic alphabets such as Futharc and Tolkien, but then I noticed on word had the same rune three times in a row!

So, it’s not a cipher, it’s just random characters :frowning:

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Slightly off topic, but did anyone else decipher the runes at the top of Dwarven Gate?

I remember spending considerable time doing this. Yeah, I must have been really bored :laughing:

They aren’t completely random like the campaign lore :wink:

Hence why I think it’s a cypher and not straight substitution. Something like:

  • Change them all to numbers
  • Add last letter value to current
  • Write new word backwards

Something complicated and convoluted. Or just complete gibberish. I’m hopeful for this puzzle. But won’t spend longer unless it’s confirmed.

You think a game with so many spelling and grammar errors has a complicated cypher? Ok.

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That’s easy. Get to C:\Users\username\AppData\LocalLow\Pipeworks\GemsofWar\Localization\ GemsOfWar_[your language].json and get to the ARTIFACT_30002_LORE01 - LORE010 for the current artifact and there you go

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While I appreciate the answer key, I’m more interested in the problem itself. However, this would be useful to check against if it’s confirmed that there is indeed something to solve.

When we asked about it on the beta server, we were told it’s just gibberish/there’s no cypher.


Well, there goes that project. At least I still have my Guild War scoring formula project to fall back on.


Sorry to bump it but how do I go about closing this thread?

You can’t close a thread yourself.

Once people stop replying it will quickly fade into obscurity.

Unless some random necros it years later :laughing: