Campaign Ending: Moon Flask

Originally published at: Campaign Ending: Moon Flask – Gems of War

New Campaign Ending Soon The final week of the Campaign is upon us! This is your last chance to earn rewards from the Campaign, or purchase an Elite Pass to earn some of the following rewards. Hatir & Skroll Once the campaign ends, you will need to wait 3-4 weeks to try and find them…

Thank God for that!


Well, well, well. I am happy at the end of the campaign. 1 week of deeds, introduction of GAP, cheap useless bosses and annoying lycanthrophy. Bought the elite pass.

Anyone know if the Tarot Cards are consumed when crafting the new boss troops? Or does it instead work like the Heart of Rage?

It hasn’t consumed The Sun for me when I crafted


Crafted both - still have both Legendaries.


@Saltypatra, please thank @Nimhain for including specific times for when the new troops are planned to appear in chests and the Vault.

This is the kind of information that really helps players!


Thanks to you and Sherby both for confirming, and thanks to the devs for having the good sense not to require 16 Power Orbs all at once! :partying_face: