Campaign Ending: Ancient Sarcophagus

Originally published at: Campaign Ending: Ancient Sarcophagus – Gems of War

New Campaign Ending Soon The final week of the Campaign is upon us! This is your last chance to earn rewards from the Campaign, or purchase an Elite Pass to earn some of the following rewards. Pharaoh Nefernati Once the campaign ends, you will need to wait 3-4 weeks to try and find her in…

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Shame that the Artifact bonuses still don’t carry over in between the end of a campaign and the start of a new campaign. Only Elite Pass + players got to enjoy +4 magic for longer than a week this time.




Will the Elite + pass add 20 stars per week to the current total already attained? A team member signed up this week for the regular pass and and has approximately 200 stars … So the question would be would they get a bump to 380 total if starting with 200? Also, if some tasks are over several days like dungeons or adventure they may never make it to the end. Your thoughts?


The bonus stars are added retroactively, and they should get a bump to 400 stars, I believe. The stars are given at the start of each week, and this is week 10, so +200.

Thanks! Looks like it is not possible to complete the campaign if you start late. If more Dungeon Lord tasks appear than there are days to complete them then…

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You can pay gems to skip a task, but at 100 gems per skipped silver task you have to consider if it is worthwhile.

That’s true…A bit pricey for a task…thanks, I almost forgot the gem thing.

This campaign required 7 Dungeon runs I believe. So anyone starting it on this last week later than Monday would have to pay gems if they wanted to complete all tasks.

It’s not worth it. The exact reason they should avoid the 2 day tasks. Those tasks actually make people avoid the campaign if they are buying in late.

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And at least few 2day Adventure board tasks. Both are silver, so both will block each other.

Been out of the loop a bit, anyone have anything good to say about Nefertani? Seems like a pretty bad mythic - single targeting, high mana cost for curse-all, no board control, self-defeating third trait (every death mark inflicted resets the death mark timer for existing death marks). Was thinking of launching into a diatribe about how death mark is one of the worst mechanics in the entire game, and should be totally revamped, but not much point considering how ineffective it should be for her.

Might be an annoying defense troop though, because death mark.