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Campaign configuration error causing loss of rewards

Do you know where this list is? I couldn’t find it. :frowning: I’m only finding the weekly tasks, not a list of all possible, known tasks.

I’m not sure it’s on the forum, I’ll have to dig it up. I’ll send you a mail.

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It could be both — a dual roll, like chests.

First roll determines “type” of task — Adventure Board, Kill x number of troops, etc…

Second roll determines length/difficulty of the type chosen.

This, of course, giving much more benefit of the doubt than is probably warranted, given how tasks seem not to vary much (except obviously in the Adventure Board 2 vs. 3 case), if at all, so why would there be two rolls happening if the second roll in almost ever category can only yield one result?

But, what the theory would explain, is why duplicates don’t occur — if already picked, it’s easily flagged and skipped in the future rolls.

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The tasks are picked randomly within their rarity, from a pool of tasks in that rarity, to clarify further.

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Clearly the RNG is set up in a way and that certain tasks eliminate others from occuring the same week. For instance. We will never see (assumptively) a Bronze Adventure Board Task occur the same week as a Silver Adventure Board Task.

As ridiculous as the 3 day AB tasks are. I think the fairest request is to tell the RNG not to allow Silver Adventure Board Tasks and Silver Dungeon Tasks to be selected the same week.

It would always be one or the other if either is selected by RNG.


Well, I appreciate the effort, it’s not really helping though. I’ll describe the issue again in detail.

Issue: There’s a silver campaign task named “Adventurer”, it requires completing the whole Adventure Board several times. Every time it showed up the number of required clears were two, with two exceptions requiring three clears. How did these exceptions happen?

Possible explanations:

1.) When the silver Adventurer task gets picked from the pool, the number of clears required is decided at random. This is unlikely to be true, no other task has been observed to behave this way. The datamined task templates also show no placeholder where a dynamic number of clears could be inserted.

2.) There are two silver Adventurer tasks in the pool, one requiring two clears and one requiring three clears. If this is true, it’s unlikely to be intentional. Going by your clarification above it would allow both silver Adventurer tasks to get picked in an unlucky enough week, requiring five days to clear.

3.) The silver Adventurer task templates were temporarily modified, possibly by accidentally transporting them along with the Training Battle fix applied at the same time. These kind of configuration errors have been observed to happen fairly often, they usually get corrected within a few hours. The campaign tasks generated from the task templates seem to get copied individually into each user profile, so this might have been deemed too much work to clean up.

Which one of the three above is correct? I can’t really seem to come up with any other reasonably plausible explanation, I’m prepared to get surprised though.

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Just adding a 4th explanation, which I seriously hope I’m wrong about:

  1. 3-day Adventurer is actually a Gold task that was miss-coded as a silver task. This is pretty much Option 2 but it means that, if corrected, would be a dreaded outcome, and one that points to an equivalently long Gold dungeon task that we’ve been lucky to never get, and which could lead to a 5-day block in Gold tasks.

I still believe that the selection of Campaign Tasks should necessarily be checked by a human. There’s a number of reasons for this, but they all boil down to time-gating in a way that can make life unpleasant for players. That feels like a poor outcome.

For end-game players, time-gating the bonus stats for the week is primarily important in Guild Wars, when it can affect the final result, and in the last week of the Campaign, when many players attempt Pure Faction L500 Delves using the added skill points. The Guild Wars issue is arguably a pay-to-win thing, since Gems can be used to skip tasks. The Pure Faction issue is adding salt to an existing wound: the developers have refused, so far, to provide any alternatives to the existing structure for old Delves, despite literally dozens of excellent suggestions. Further reducing that narrow window of minor opportunity seems inconsiderate and mean.

But there’s actually a much broader issue. Most players posting here presume that Campaign Tasks will be completed within the obvious time gates. For example, this week can be done on Monday. But an early-to-mid game player may take many days to complete some tasks, particularly the Gold Tasks. And more importantly, they may be unable to complete each week within the designated week, especially as the level requirements increase towards the end of the Campaign. This may be partly because of the weakness of their teams, but also because they simply don’t play every day (or every week, even).

My personal experience with this is using an alternate account. For complicated reasons, I can’t Explore any kingdoms beyond Broken Spire. That makes it difficult to find Merfolk or Tauros to kill (the last two weeks of Gold Campaign Tasks). And I may not be able to spend much time on the World Event. Of course, I don’t expect to finish the Campaign, but I think this does highlight an issue relevant to other early-game players.

Suppose each Gold Task takes a day, in addition to the other tasks. If every week is further time-gated by 3 days, it starts to become very difficult to get the Campaign done by the end of the week. This alone can be a major issue if B10 is to kill a particular troop, for example. It’s okay to argue that this is how the Campaign was intended to work (which is probably true – though that argues strongly for extending your final Skill bonus into Tower of Doom week, ironically). But it’s going to really annoy these players if there’s never an easier week to catch up.


When I say that not having a human check the Campaign Tasks is failing the players, that’s because it’s a system that has the potential to really make the game experience unnecessarily difficult for players. For end-game players, it’s annoying to not be able to get the Campaign out of the way on Monday, along with affecting Guild Wars and Pure Faction L500 attempts. For early-game players, drawing out the Campaign across the entire week, or even longer, makes it harder to do both the Campaign and the other tasks needed to build your account.

I don’t know what the worst-case RNG scenario is for Campaign Tasks (it may not be as bad as it feels), but on the surface, it feels like it could be pretty bad. That’s bad for player morale, and deserves some respect and additional care from the devs, IMO.