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[Campaign] Chief Stronghorn is hard to find

In the current campaign I’ve got a task of defeating Chief Stronghorn five times. But he appears neither in Challenges nor in Explore in Wild Plains. So where can I consistently meet him?

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I was several weeks late on my campaign on Xbox, but I found him quite easily by just rerolling the PVP casual matches…

Explore in Wild Plains is the easiest way. Wild Plains has 4 legendaries, so you were just unlucky that you didn’t get him with a 25% chance in the Mini-Boss fight.
You can also refresh casual PVP over and over, but he isn’t an often used troop.

I actually went rerolling just for “fun” and after 100 tries couldn’t find him on mobile, so as @Neritar said, explore is better. I did 4 runs and didn’t get him, but that’s very bad luck and it’s fast to play on lvl 1.

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People tend to put the weekly troop on pvp defense, it gets some difficult to find them easily as the campaign progresses.
Sometimes I let my defense with the last 4 targets tho.

Even though it’s easiest. The 25% chance means you’ll need somewhere near 20 full explore runs to get the task done. (ofc, that’s on average… if you’re lucky it can be as small as 5 runs, but being unlucky… that can be even greater than 20).
Now from my explore research i’m doing in other topic, i’ve noticed that in 20 runs legendary troops show up kind of equal… so after 20 runs you should have 4-6 of each legendary killed. Although it can be streaky and you might not find a single copy of Chief Stronghorn in your first 7-8 runs…

Chief Stronghorn does not appear in explore even though he should.

@VartLoccur May I ask what platform you play on? If you’re on Xbox, I would offer to put 4 Chief Stronghorns on my PvP defense to help you out.


Yep, knowing your platform would be nice so that other helpful people can check whether you’re simply unlucky or there is something genuinely wrong.

As for PC/Mobile on E1:
#1 stronghorn
#2 moonclaw
#3 moonclaw
#4 stronghorn
#5 stronghorn
#6 minos
#7 moonclaw
#8 moonclaw
#9 minos
#10 hydra
#11 minos
#12 stronghorn
#13 hydra
#14 moonclaw
#15 hydra
#16 minos
#17 stronghorn
#18 stronghorn
#19 hydra
#20 hydra
Plus another Chief Stronghorn in E12 when mythstones approached a hundred.

More or less what one would expect to see.