Campaign Begins: The Frostbound Sword

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New Campaign Begins A brand new Campaign begins today. Investigate the strange risings of ghostly warriors appearing all over Krystara. New Heroic Gem: Ghost Gem During this Campaign, we have a new Heroic Gem that players may encounter in puzzle battles – the Ghost Gem. Ghost Gems are colorless Gems that when destroyed, will give…


When are we going to see the special Pet Rescue for this pet? We are still missing those promised for the last dozen or so campaigns, any chance you’ll eventually deliver?


What they actually meant to write was it will appear in the ‘cash shop / harpers menagerie’ but forgot to change the text.


Probably “never”. Not just because of the “recent” trend that we don’t see Cosmetic Pest Rescues for campaign pests, but because there isn’t money to be made selling huge numbers of copies anymore now that Orbs of Minions are a thing and pretty commonplace for players in active guilds and/or those who regularly run the entire Underspire.

(I usually get two lesser Orbs per week without any special effort; why would I spend on a gazillion copies of a cosmetic pest when I can simply wait for one copy to come from other avenues and orb it to mythic?)

Apparently, Blighted Lands was last featured during the Dread Captain’s Chest campaign, week 7.

FYI, here’s where we will be heading for this Campaign and what special Weapons to be on the lookout for:

  • Zaejin ← we are here
  • Pridelands
  • Sword’s Edge – Duskbringer (Blade of Nefertani)
  • Silverglade
  • Nexus
  • Broken Spire – Ruby Macaque (Lodestar)
  • Khaziel
  • Maugrim Woods
  • Glacial Peaks
  • Merlantis
Refresher for all "component" weapons


  • Soulforge exclusive (Broken Guard, Shattered Blade, Dawnstone)


  • Scarab of Nefertani – Drifting Sands
  • Ankh of Nefertani – Dhrak-Zum
  • Blade of Nefertani – Sword’s Edge

Ruby Macaque

  • Dread Cutlass – Blighted Lands
  • Dead Arquebus – Dragon’s Claw
  • Lodestar – Lodestar

The component weapons for Dawnbringer are always in the soulforge, no need to wait for their kingdoms to cycle round.

The next campaign is for Mydnight, so I’ve been speculating the kingdom rotations. The devs seem to love kingdoms like swords edge, which could be like power level 40 at the end of this season.:rofl:

Switch users really, really need sin of maraj and wild plains for the doomed polearms, along with Blighted Lands for the dread cutlass. Some diamonds wouldn’t hurt either for forging all of those missing weapons and mythics.


Duly corrected, got that one mixed up with the campaign weapons.

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