Campaign Begins: Phoenix Stone

They have used poor choices of wording for other abilities in the past. The fact it shows a boost ratio makes me inclined to think its an addition and not separate checks.


That might also be true. Fully agree.

As far back as Lyrasza and Deep Hive troops, we know devs understand the word “independent”, which is not mentioned here.

However, the ratio is actually wrong. For troops with armor into damage bonus, it is presented thus:
2:1 ratio = every 2 of my armor into 1 more damage

Now given it says 7:1 boost, what do you need 7 of, to produce 1 more of each time? If it says 1:7, then it’ might actually mean 1 more yellow gem for 7 more % of [cumulative] chance.

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usualy ratio 7:1 means you need 7 of something to get +1
x7 is the ratio that would match the description (check Dawnbringer or troops that give extra damage based on blue allies/enemies etc. they all have x#)

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You are right. I was reversing the 7:1 to 1:7 to illustrate the X for Y, but the game presents it as “7x”.
The question is still, what do I need 7 of, to get 1 of, according to the 7:1 ratio.

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Ok, one summary table:

campaign week kingdom free points elite+ points artifact (FREE) artifact (E+) GW week Artifact advantage of E+
1 Zhul’Kari 100 120 0l,0at,0am,+2m 0l,0at,0am,+2m 0
2 Stormheim 200 240 0l,+3at,0am,+2m 0l,+3at,0am,+2m 0
3 Bright Forest 300 360 +5l,+3at,0am,+2m +5l,+3at,0am,+2m 0
4 Merlantis 400 480 +10l,+3at,0am,+2m +10l,+3at,0am,+2m 1
5 Adana 500 600 +10l,+3at,+5am,+2m +10l,+3at,+5am,+4m 0 +2magic
6 Pan’s Vale 600 720 +10l,+3at,+5am,+4m +10l,+6at,+5am,+4m 0 +3attack
7 Zaejin 700 840 +10l,+6at,+5am,+4m +15l,+6at,+5am,+4m 0 +5life
8 Broken Spire 800 960 +15l,+6at,+5am,+4m +15l,+6at,+10am,+4m 1 +5armor
9 Khaziel 900 1080 +15l,+6at,+10am,+4m +15l,+9at,+10am,+4m 0 +3attack
10 Suncrest 1000 1200 +15l,+9at,+10am,+4m +15l,+9at,+10am,+4m 0
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It almost certainly means that you will have a 70% chance for an extra turn with 10 yellow gems, never mind the wording. There’s a very small chance their developer had a brain seizure and insisted on rolling up a random number for each yellow gem.


For a troop that’ll likely go in the hole and never used; conversation is moot.

I vote for a straight 7% chance per Yellow gem. This still isn’t that powerful, especially for a troop that F2P players cannot get (for like a year). :stuck_out_tongue:

That seems pretty powerful considering casting won’t change the board state at all. You could theoretically get into a position, with enough yellow gems, to virtually guarantee infinite (or at least a high number) of extra turns, unless I’m missing something.

@VegaDark541 Guessing you would only get 1 extra turn though, to even it out. Then you would have to refill before casting a second time.

Oh yeah, I forgot about needing to refill mana, so that would force you to change the board state for that.

Good news. The total gems in the elite pass is 435, not 330, so it is even better!


I never spend gems on keys, so giving a gem value to the keys doesn’t work in my case. I do pay for the gem sub, and that sub is cheaper per gem than the campaign.

I don’t buy gem directly though. The campaign is cheaper per gem than those for people who buy tons of gems.

I stand to be corrected, but I believe that extra 105 gems will cost you quite a bit for the Elite+ Pass.

The elite+ pass only exists to make the elite pass look good. Devs want as many players as possible signed onto the elite pass. Expect the rewards to get juicier and an increase to FOMO in the campains ahead.

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Whoops you are right. I thought both paid passes gave extra stars.

No thank you on the campaigns. if you are not doing P2W, what is the point. Rewards are terrible. Forcing you into treasure hunt and arena. Not thank you. Make the artifact usable after campaign is over. The season trend is bad. We HATE it.

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After the release of this unit by the pass, do we now know or can get an official answer if there is a “normal” way to get it?

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It’s a Suncrest troop, so it will likely get added to the standard pool 3 - 4 week after the campaign ends. I suspect there won’t be any official answer, this question already got asked months ago without receiving any response. Apparently their time budget is too constrained for anything but PQ3.

Like in previous campaigns, all troops and weapons will be available in forge/chests 3-4 weeks after the campaign ends. You will have a chance of getting The Sun from any chest starting March 21st or 29th. However, you will only find The Sun from event chests when Suncrest rolls around again AFTER the campaign is over, meaning it could be as long as 40 weeks (34 kingdoms, 10 every 11 weeks, plus 4 kingdoms remaining from current cycle and 3 weeks in current campaign) if it’s the last kingdom in the next cycle.