Campaign 9 Guide

Campaign 9 - The Adanian Reactor

March 28th '22 to June 5th '22

Weekly Campaign Guide graphics will be provided (in English) here, on reddit, on the Gems of War Alliance #event-guide Discord and of course via Hawx’s Flight School Discord Campaign channels in English, German, French, Russian, Italian and Spanish (which you can get delivered automatically to your guilds discord server).

For those new to Gems of War, the weekly guide will list the 2 Gold, 4 Silver and 10 Bronze Campaign tasks in the correct order so you can optimise your gameplay. There will also be a suitable team for new to mid game players that meets the tasks requirements. Please feel free to share your own weekly campaign teams too.

As always, huge thanks to Gary for the tools to create this for you.


Campaign 9 Week 1
Team Code used [1265,6007,6005,6930,3001,3,2,1,3,3,1,1,14007]


B7: Is Tina part of the weekly Event?

Unfortunately not, you will need to find her in pvp or explore. You can close the game on the mythic pre battle screen if it’s Ironhawk and then restart the game and it will reroll the explore mythic.


Thank you for your continued effort, Hawx and Gary! Really appreciate it <3 <3


Campaign 9 Week 1 Strategy

Sorry for being ridiculously late with this…

Being Guild Wars week, we want to do the whole Campaign in one day. You’ll need to save the Adventure Board (B8), and likely reroll at least one silver task.

  1. Start by opening 2 Event Chests (B1).

  2. Win 6 battles in a single Arena run (S1) or reroll.

  3. Start on winning 6 Dungeon battles (S2) – but really, just reroll.

  4. Use the Banner of Progress (YR) for 22 wins (G1) and explode 135 Gems (B2) while working on rerolled silver tasks.

  5. Get 13 Yellow kills (B3).

  6. Explore Adana once at D1+ (B4).

  7. Use a Missile weapon for 4 wins (B5).

  8. Earn 200 Gold in battle (B6).

  9. Kill TINA-9000 once (B7), either in Adana Explore or Casual PvP.

  10. Use an Adana team for 22 wins (G2), starting with completing the Adventure Board (B8).

  11. Get 9 Mech kills (B9) in either Adana Explore or the World Event.

  12. Earn 5 Glory in PvP (B10).

  13. Craft 3 Yellow Summoning Stones (S3). Pretty much everyone should have access to the Soulforge, since v6.2 landed.

  14. Use the Mechanist class for 15 wins (S4).

To help out other players, set your PvP defence to one TINA-9000 and 3 Mecha Rats: [6699,6849,6849,6849,3071]

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Campaign 9 Week 2: Whitehelm

Team Code used: [6804,1211,6029,6167,3014,3,2,1,1,1,1,1,14003]

Cheers, Gary.


Campaign 9 Week 2 Strategy

You may find it useful to open extra Event Keys, this week, to ascend Ascendance. :slight_smile:

You’ll also likely want to reroll at least the first two Silver tasks. Other than that, save the Adventure Board and Dungeon for at least some of the team-restricted tasks (B3, B5, B9, G2). And you’ll need a Vault Key (B4).

  1. Open 2 Event Chests (B1).

  2. Complete 2 Adventure Boards (S1) – reroll this immediately, if you intend to do so. Same for S2, when it comes up. Depending on the reroll, you may need to deviate from the subsequent task order.

  3. Start exploring Whitehelm 5 times at D2+ (G1), while getting 9 Divine kills (B2).

  4. Use a Whitehelm team for 4 wins (B3), best on the Adventure Board.

  5. Use a Vault Key to kill 1 Treasure Gnome (B4).

  6. Use the Priest class for 4 wins (B5), back on the Adventure Board.

  7. Craft 1 Yellow Summoning Stone (B6).

  8. Get 13 Yellow kills (B7), back in Whitehelm Explore.

  9. Match 90 Yellow Gems (B8). Phoenicia Explore team is good for this.

  10. Use the Holy Banner (YY) for 4 wins (B9) anywhere you can.

  11. Earn 5 Glory in PvP (B10).

  12. Complete 3 Treasure Hunts with 60+ turns (S2) or reroll.

  13. Win 6 battles in a single Arena run (S3) – faster NOT to reroll, I reckon.

  14. Kill Gaard’s Avatar 3 times (S4), while still exploring Whitehelm, or in Casual PvP.

  15. Finish off G1, then use a Shield weapon for 22 wins (G2) wherever suits.

To help out other players, set as many as three copies of Gaard’s Avatar on your PvP defence, filled out with War Cleric or Sister Superior. The banner can be double green or double purple, if you don’t have the Vampiric Thirst Warband: [6296,6296,6296,6516,3074]


Campaign 9 Week 3: Forest of Thorns

Team Code used: [6419,6087,1190,6124,3015,3,1,1,1,1,3,1,14004]

Cheers, Gary.


Usual uninspiring grind stuff.

No Campaign Weapon :rage:

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Sorry for no strategy, this week. It’s pretty straightforward, though.

Use Arctic Fox on PvP Defence, to help out other players: [6579,6579,6579,6579,3025]

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Campaign 9 Week 4: Karakoth

Team Code Used: [1406,6578,6288,7112,3017,2,3,3,2,1,1,2,14005]

Cheers, Gary.


Campaign 9 Week 4 Strategy

It’s a bit of weird week, Campaign-wise. I don’t think it’s worth rerolling the 2-day Dungeon task, so there’s little reason to hold the Adventure Board before Tuesday. Zuul’Goth (G1) is only available on PvP defence, so we’ll all be relying on each other for that one.

Both G1 and S3 are candidates for rerolling, but I’ll assume no rerolls.

  1. Start by opening 5 Gem Chests (B1).

  2. Open 2 Event Chests (B2).

  3. Earn 80 Souls in battle (B3), ideally in Pet Rescue, though PvP will do.

  4. Use a Vault Key to kill 1 Treasure Gnome (B4).

  5. Win 4 battles in a single Arena run (B5).

  6. Explore Karakoth once at D4+ (B6), simultaneously making progress on getting 45 Purple kills (S1).

  7. Complete 1 Delve at Level 50+ (B7). Factions with multiple purple troops (all with P++ banners) include: City of Thieves, Dark Court, Depths of Sin, Illithia, Primal Rift, Silver Necropolis and Umbral Nexus.

  8. Summon a troop 9 times (B8). Egg Thief, Cedric and Jar of Eyes are all good options.

  9. Use a Tome weapon for 4 wins (B9). Unless you’re planning to reroll the Dungeon task (S3), you might as well use the Adventure Board.

  10. Get 9 Construct kills (B10). The World Event is a good option.

  11. Kill Zuul’Goth 5 times (G1). Time to hunt down Zuul’Goth in Casual PvP.

  12. Use the Old Gods’ Banner (PP) for 22 wins (G2) while also using the Sorcerer class for 15 wins (S2). The World Event is probably a good location.

  13. Win the first 3 of 6 Dungeon battles (S3), finishing the task on Tuesday.

  14. Use a Karakoth team for 15 wins (S4), starting on Tuesday’s Adventure Board.

To help out other players, set your PvP defence to as many copies of Zuul’Goth as you have, filled out with Sacrifice: [6529,6265,6265,6265,3073]


For the summon task you can use Sunbird doing fast lvl 1 explores, makes it very easy

This guide is always appreciated. Thanks for posting it each week.

My gripe is with the tasks. Some designer creativity please. Setting up grinds and blocks to a fluid progress is shoddy and god forbid mean spirited if you must spend gems and spend regular real money because of a deliberate set up.
Supporting a game is one thing, consistently leeching players is another.

The reset task actually underlies how insulting your progressions each week are. Make each week frickin fun or are you caught in the reality the game is a grind. We all grind. Oh hell ! With your tasks it seems you realise its all a grind now!


Campaign 9 Week 5: Zhul’Kari

Team Code used: [6068,6949,1220,6842,3029,2,2,1,1,2,2,2,14009]

Cheers, Gary.


Campaign 9 Week 5 Strategy

Guild Wars week means we want to finish the Campaign on day 1 (so this post being late is particularly annoying – sorry).

  1. Complete 3 Delves at Level 60+ (S1). Reroll this immediately, and allow the replacement to somewhat guide where to Explore.

  2. Use the Dark Elven Banner (PG) for 22 wins (G1), starting by completing 1 Adventure Board (B1).

  3. Explore Zhul’Kari once at D5+ (B2).

  4. Get 9 Elf kills (B3) anywhere you can.

  5. Get 13 Green kills (B4).

  6. Cast 60 spells (S2). PvP is a great option, especially using Egg Thief, or a looping goblin team.

  7. Win 4 Ranked PvP Battles (B5), probably as part of S2.

  8. Use a Vault Key to kill 1 Treasure Gnome (B6).

  9. Open 2 Event Chests (B7).

  10. Craft 1 Green Summoning Stone (B8).

  11. Use a Zhul’Kari team for 15 wins (S3), probably best in the Dungeon or low-level Explore. This task is likely to overlap with using the Orbweaver class for 22 wins (G2) and earning 80 Souls in battle (B9).

  12. Complete 1 Treasure Hunt with 60+ turns (B10). I rerolled this, but if you’re good at Treasure Hunt, just do what’s asked.

  13. Use a Relic weapon for 15 wins (S4). Thingamabob can be a great option (except with Rowanne). Daily Delves are a pretty good place to do this kind of task.

To help out other players, set your PvP defence to four Diviners: [6416,6416,6416,6416,3025]


Campaign 9 Week 6: Ghulvania

Team Code used: [1147,6452,6078,6053,3007,3,3,1,2,1,2,1,14011]

Cheers, Gary.


Campaign 9 Week 6 Strategy

Save your Adventure Board (B5) and Dungeon (B7). There’s a couple of good candidates for rerolling, but it’s okay to take a couple of days with the Campaign.

  1. Complete 3 Treasure Hunts with 60+ turns (S1). If you don’t like Treasure Hunt, this is a good task to reroll.

  2. Match 90 Purple Gems in battle (B1) while starting to explore Ghulvania 5 times at D6+ (G1), using Vampire’s Banner (PR) for 15 wins (S2).

  3. Kill Draakulis once (B2). He might show up in Ghulvania explore, but Casual PvP is likely a better bet.

  4. Complete 1 Delve at Level 70+ (B3). Any delve with a 3-room path will do. You can also be patient and just wait for Tuesday’s Faction Event.

  5. Use a Mace weapon for 4 wins (B4). Start the Adventure Board, or continue in Ghulvania explore.

  6. Complete 1 Adventure Board (B5).

  7. Open 2 Event Chests (B6).

  8. Win 3 Dungeon battles (B7).

  9. Earn 80 Souls in battle (B8), back in Ghulvania.

  10. Use a Ghulvania team for 4 wins (B9). The start of the Journey Event is a good option.

  11. Craft 1 Purple Summoning Stone (B10).

  12. Use the Deathknight class for 15 wins (S3). Ghulvania Explore or the Journey will both work.

  13. Get 30 Undead kills (S4). Easy enough, if you’re still exploring Ghulvania.

  14. Get 66 Purple kills (G2). Lots of options for this, especially if you’re patient.

To help out other players, set your PvP defence to Draakulis and three Necrocorns: [6169,6711,6711,6711,3067] Alternatives to Necrocorn include Fallen Valdis, Shade of Zorn – useless Mythics that shouldn’t get a chance to fill – Nightshade, or even Bonebound Dredge. Any Yellow/Brown banner will do.