Campaign 8 Guide (Week 10)

Campaign 8 - The Gobmother’s Orb

January 10th '22 to March 20th '22

Weekly Campaign Guide graphics will be provided (in English) here, on reddit, on the Gems of War Alliance #event-guide Discord and of course via Hawx’s Flight School Discord Campaign channels in English, German, French, Russian, Italian and Spanish (which you can get delivered automatically to your guilds discord server). Graphics will be posted within roughly 30 mins of weekly reset.

For those new to Gems of War, the weekly guide will list the 2 Gold, 4 Silver and 10 Bronze Campaign tasks in the correct order so you can optimise your gameplay. There will also be a suitable team for new to mid game players that meets the tasks requirements. Please feel free to share your own weekly campaign teams too.

As always, huge thanks to my partner in crime Gary for the tools to create this for you.

Week 1: Zaejin


Week 1: Zaejin

Team code:



Campaign 8 Week 2: Blackhawk

Team Code used: [6273,1150,6275,6542,3026,1,3,1,1,2,2,1,14026]

Cheers, Gary.


Campaign 8 Week 2 Strategy

  1. Use a Vault Key to kill 3 Treasure Gnomes (S1) while probably also earning 200 Gold in battle (B1).

  2. Complete 1 Adventure Board (B2) using any team.

  3. Explore Blackhawk once at D2+ (B3) while starting on getting 30 Merfolk kills (S2) and 66 Blue kills (G1).

  4. Use a Blackhawk team for 4 wins (B4), starting with the Dungeon, then switching to Merlantis fast Explore.

  5. Use a Missile weapon for 4 wins (B5).

  6. Use the Corsair class for 15 wins (S3) once you have your Merfolk kills. Switch to Ranked PvP once Merlantis gets boring.

  7. Complete 1 Treasure Hunt with 60+ turns (B6) or reroll as soon as possible.

  8. Craft 1 Brown Summoning Stone (B7).

  9. Open 2 Event Chests (B8).

  10. Use the Kraken Banner (NBp) for 4 wins (B9).

  11. Match 4+ Gems 22 times (B10).

  12. Win 6 battles in a single Arena run (S4) or reroll.

  13. Finally, kill Scylla 5 times (G2) in Casual PvP or the World Event.

To help out other players, set your PvP defence to 4 copies of Scylla: [6460,6460,6460,6460,3068]


Campaign 8 Week 3: Broken Spire

Team Code used: [6002,6123,1064,6457,3000,1,1,2,2,2,2,2,14000]

Cheers, Gary.


Campaign 8 Week 3 Strategy

You’ll need to hang on to 50 Gold Keys and the Adventure Board, this week. I expect most people will reroll the 2-day Dungeon task and the Arena.

  1. Start by winning 4 Ranked PvP battles (B1), seeking out Infernus defences for G1, if you’re strong enough. You’re also looking to match 300 Skulls (S1).

  2. Open 50 Gold Chests (B2).

  3. Use the Warlord class for 4 wins (B3), potentially as you seek out Infernus to kill 5 times (G1), either in the World Event or Casual PvP.

  4. With Infernus done, you’ll be looking for 66 Red kills (G2).

  5. Once done matching Skulls, win 6 Dungeon battles (S2). I expect most people will reroll, but I’ve left S3 and S4 at the end of the list regardless.

  6. Explore Broken Spire once at D3+ (B4).

  7. Use The Broken Banner (NB) for 4 wins (B5).

  8. Earn 200 Gold in battle (B6).

  9. Craft 1 Brown Summoning Stone (B7).

  10. Use a Broken Spire team for 4 wins (B8). You can use the Adventure Board, Dungeon or Pet Rescues, but don’t finish the Adventure Board yet.

  11. Use a Mace weapon for 4 wins (B9).

  12. Complete 1 Adventure Board (B10) now.

  13. If you haven’t already, get 30 Elemental kills (S3) – Nexus and Broken Spire are both good.

  14. Finally, win 6 battles in a single Arena run (S4) – or reroll.

To help out other players, set your PvP defence to as many copies of Infernus as you have, filled out with Rock Troll: [6366,6366,6366,6238,3026]

The banner can be any minus Red or Purple without plus Red, Purple or Yellow. I’m using Dripping Caverns, myself, but all of the appropriate minus Red banners are from the Underworld.

DO NOT include Fire Bombs in your team.

PS: The Vault is a good place to kill Red enemies. :laughing:


Campaign 8 Week 4: Shentang

Team Code used: [6418,6417,6677,1016,3030,3,1,1,1,2,1,2,14031]


Campaign 8 Week 5: Suncrest

Team Code used: [1221,6754,6755,6584,3023,2,2,3,2,3,2,1,14030]

Cheers, Gary.


This may be the most rerollable Silver Task Batch yet
:thinking: :stuck_out_tongue: :pray: :vulcan_salute:


No kidding, I thought when you said “Batch” it was a word spelled with a different vowel. Wth are those??!

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Arena task looks like 6x6 wins but it’s 1x6 wins.
I always do a 5x arena win before Monday and ready to finish arena task easily.
I did 1 fight and completed the task.

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NOT a fan of those silver tasks. I’ll keep the Arena since I always do 3 runs daily for extra offers, but definitely rerolling the other 3 silver tasks.

Campaign 8 Week 5 Strategy

I reckon everyone will be rerolling at least two Silver tasks this week. If you do, that frees up both the Adventure Board and Dungeon for team-restricted tasks (B8, B10).

  1. Open 2 Event Chests (B1).

  2. Craft 1 Yellow Summoning Stone (B2).

  3. Complete 3 Treasure Hunts with 60+ turns (S1). Every reroll option except Adana Explore is faster than this. (Naturally, I got Adana on my alt.)

  4. Earn 5 Glory in PvP (B3).

  5. Explore Suncrest 5 times at D5+ (G1). This is a pretty long task, so you’re likely to finish all the Bronze tasks before you get to G2.

  6. Get 13 Yellow kills (B4) in Suncrest.

  7. Get 9 Stryx kills (B5) in Suncrest.

  8. Use the Talon Banner (YGb) for 4 wins (B6). Sub it into whichever team you’re using for Suncrest Explore, even if it does slow things down slightly.

  9. Kill Zilopochtli 1 time (B7), either in Suncrest or the World Event (it’s probably on your starting World Event map).

  10. Use the Stormcaller class for 4 wins (B8). Use the Adventure Board.

  11. Match 90 Yellow Gems in battle (B9). Back to Suncrest for this one.

  12. Use a Suncrest team for 4 wins (B10). And back to the Adventure Board again.

  13. Complete 3 Adventure Boards (S2). Reroll this, when it comes up, unless you’re very patient.

  14. Use a Shield weapon for 22 wins (G2), starting with the final battle on Monday’s Adventure Board, and the Dungeon.

  15. Win 6 Dungeon Battles (S3). Again, you’ll probably want to reroll.

  16. Win 6 battles in a single Arena run (S4). A good candidate for rerolling – or a nice change of pace.

  17. If you didn’t reroll, finish off the Adventure Board (S2) and Dungeon (S3) tasks each day. This can be done by Thursday.

The first Gold task is long enough to cover B4 and B5 (Yellow and Stryx kills), so you don’t really need to set a special PvP defence. If you still want to, use Harpy Mages with one copy of Zilopochtli: [6869,6754,6754,6754,3012]

The Value of a Weak PvP Defence

For those who don’t already know, you get more resources by losing on PvP Defence than winning.

The reasons are complicated, but include the fact you want to attract other players to fight your defence team, as well as the enormous value of Revenge Battles. You’re also likely to get Honour for setting an easy Defence, which eventually gives you daily Gold or Gem Keys.

For best effect, set a PvP Defence team that is obviously easy to beat. The best options are Treasure troops, Gnomes, or fully-traited Fire Bombs – as well as troops the Campaign asks us to kill. DO NOT be a jerk by using Fire Bombs with other troops. Doing so is good evidence that you are an unpleasant person – consider it a test of character.

Obviously, this does NOT apply to Guild Wars, where you definitely want to use the best possible defence teams.


If you don’t reroll the adventure board task, you won’t finish Silver until Thursday.

Team Code used: [6681,6146,7047,1128,3022,1,2,1,1,3,1,3,14021]

Cheers, Gary.


Gary you are an angel.


Campaign 8 Week 6 Strategy

Interesting week. If it weren’t for Guild Wars, I’d say no rerolls were needed…

Save your Delve Sigils (S3), a Vault Key (B3), 2 Event Keys (B4) and 50 Gold Keys (B7). Use the Dungeon and Adventure Board for restricted-team tasks (G2), and put Sycorax in an easy-to-beat team on your regular PvP Defence.

  1. Start by exploring Darkstone once at D6+ (B1), using the Dark Banner (NP) for 22 wins (G1) and matching 300 Purple Gems (S1).

  2. Switch in the Plaguelord class for 15 wins (S2).

  3. Craft 1 Purple Summoning Stone (B2).

  4. Use a Vault Key to kill 1 Treasure Gnome (B3).

  5. Open 2 Event Chests (B4).

  6. Get 13 Purple kills (B5) – Karakoth is a good option.

  7. Complete 3 Delves at Level 70+ (S3). Most end-gamers will want to reroll this task, rather than doing three level 500 Delves. If you don’t need the Campaign bonus stats for Guild Wars, you can wait for Tuesday’s Faction Event.

  8. Use a Darkstone team for 22 wins (G2). This is the time to use your Dungeon and Adventure Board. It is possible to build a Darkstone team in the World Event, but it may not be very effective above level 20.

  9. Earn 80 Souls in battle (B6). Ranked PvP is as good a place as any.

  10. Open 50 Gold Chests (B7).

  11. Win 4 battles in a single Arena run (B8). Probably quicker to do this than to reroll.

  12. Get 9 Mystic kills (B9). The World Event is perfect for this – or Silverglade.

  13. Use a Jewellery weapon for 15 wins (S4). Most teams can sub in Black Manacles.

  14. Kill Sycorax once (B10). Should show up in the World Event quite quickly. Otherwise, search Casual PvP or fast explore Blackhawk.

To help out other players, set your PvP defence to one Sycorax, then fill with Sibyl of Lust: [6895,6642,6642,6642,3014]


Campaign 8 Week 7: Mist of Scales

Team Code used: [1322,6202,6070,6535,3016,3,1,1,2,2,2,2,14008]

Cheers, Gary.


“Silver 4” and “Bronze 9” could be done together.

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S3 (mist of scales team) can be accomplished with only 3 troops and a blank slot, allowing G10 (summon) to be accomplished together

Weird and probably useless in any other context, but I thought it was a curious trick (or bug, who knows)