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Campaign 2 Tasks - (Week 8 Updated)

Looks like, it will be exacltly as i predicted - if i decide to skip tasks this week i wont be able to do any by “mistake” (collected all wrtos and books from free pass, there’s nothing interesting in free pass for me…)- well depending what troop limitation is for event, i might do khetar champion on my way…

Quick Tips for Week 10:

No Dungeons need to be saved.
Adventure Board is used once this week at Bronze 6.

Bronze 5: Defeat 1 Pharos-Ra is easily done in the World Event: Raising Nerfertani. There is no next week for this Campaign.

Bronze 4, Silver 4, and Gold 1 is worth doing at the same time.

B04: Scythe Master : 4x Win any battle with your Hero using a Scythe Weapon (except Training)
S04: Necromancer Hero : 15x Win any battle with your Hero using the Necromancer Class (except Training)
G01: Khetar Champion : 22x Win any battle using a Khetar team (except Training)

This is what I used:

Burning Scythe - Necromancer with half mana start
(Abyssal Banner) or (Banner of Sin)

Aziris should be fully traited. If you don’t have Burning Scythe or if you’re a newer player and Burning Scythe doesn’t 1 shot Explore 1, then any of the other Purple Damage to All Enemies Scythes should work.

After you do the 4 battles with the Scythe, feel free to swap the Scythe out for Black Manacles or a different Purple damage to all enemies weapon to finish up Silver 4/Gold 1.

By the time you get to Gold 2, you can just use the Undead Banner on your quick clear Rowanne/Sunbird/Soul Farming team.

Bronze 8: Drifting Sands is the first place I think of for Monsters

Bronze 10: Leprechaun + Emeperinzara with the 2nd trait or Apophisis (fully traited) + Fist or Zorn (fully traited) or Divine Ishbaala + Qilin + Moon Rabbit or… whatever you feel like running

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Thanks to @TheIdleOne for figuring out what order everything should be in. And while I was stuck in my meeting, @cky put the tasks into Hawx’s patent-pending pretty format. Thanks, cky!


Campaign 2 Week 10 Strategy

This week is pretty messy. Save the Adventure Board (B6) and all your daily Delve Sigils (S2). Keep the dungeon in mind as a place to wrap up loose ends (G1, G2, S4, B7-10). Luckily, all the keys appear at the beginning.

If you can build a strong, all-Khetar team (Hero Class counts, but not where the Weapon comes from), you can speed up G1 by using it in a L110+ Delve (S2), or D10 Explore in Khetar (B3). However, I’m going to assume that no such team exists.

Ideally, I’d also like to line up using a Khetar team (G1) with using the Necromancer Class (S4), but it’s a bit awkward.

  1. Open 5 Gem Chests (B1).
  2. Open 2 Event Chests (B2).
  3. Craft 3 Purple Summoning Stones (S1).
  4. Explore Khetar once at D10+ (B3).
  5. Start the World Event using a Khetar team (G1) with Necromancer Class using a Scythe Weapon for 4 wins (B4). Stop if you reveal Pharos-Ra! – finish B4 in PvP or fast Explore.
  6. Continue in the World Event until you find Pharos-Ra, and kill them once (B5).
  7. Switch to the Adventure Board (B6) and continue working towards 22 wins with a Khetar team (G1).
  8. Finish off G1 in Karakoth fast Explore, while also getting 13 Purple kills (B7).
  9. Use the Undead Banner (PB) for 22 wins (G2), wherever it works okay.
  10. Kill 9 Monsters (B8) in the World Event or fast Explore (Leonis Empire/Khetar?).
  11. This is a good time to switch to the Underworld. Complete 3 Delves at L110+ (S2). If you prefer to do this during the Tuesday Faction Event, you will definitely need to buy Tier II.
  12. Earning 80 Souls from battles (B9) will just happen – you can also use PvP for this.
  13. Matching 90 Skulls (B10) is also very simple.
  14. Win 6 battles in an Arena run (S3).
  15. Win 15 times using the Necromancer Class (S4) while also wrapping up G2 should be pretty straightforward in the World Event, PvP, or fast Explore.

If you’d like to help out other players, set a PvP defence like Pharos-Ra and 3x War Sphinx (Hive Mind is also a good option): [6039,6297,6039,6039,3052,0,0,0,0,0,0,0,14033]


Just wanted to let those know who have asked if my graphics will return for Campaign 3 that currently the server I use to gather the tasks is currently not open to the beta testers so unfortunately I won’t be able to produce a graphic for you immediately at reset.

However, Garyatrics Bot will definitely be able to help you out with knowing if you need to save for example your Dungeons. Head on over to any of the servers with Garyatrics installed : GoW Alliance (former Tarans Server), GoW Community discord etc and run the command !campaign at reset to get an unordered list of all the campaign tasks. The ordered list should be available later on in the day (tasks depending)

If things change with the server and I’m able to prepare the graphics for you then I’ll be sure to upload to the forums and the community discords.

Happy Gem Smashing

Hawx :slight_smile:


As usual, just some text until pretty graphics come up

Campaign 3 Week 1

B01: Zhul’Kari Champion: 4x Win any battle using a Zhul’Kari team (except Training)
B02: Green Recruits: 1x Craft Green Summoning Stones in Soulforge
B03: Dominator: 4x Win Ranked PvP Battles
B04: Intrepid Explorer: 1x Win Explore runs in Zhul’Kari at Difficulty 1 or higher
B05: Elf Bane: 9x Kill Elf Enemies in any battle (except Training)
B06: Treasure Hunter: 1x Complete Treasure Hunt with 60 Turns or higher
B07: Guard Captain: 2x Open Event Chests
B08: Pest Control 1x Defeat Treasure Gnome (not including Battlecrashers and Valravens)
B09: Soul Grinder: Earn 80 Souls from any battle (except Training)
B10: Purple Slayer: 13x Kill Purple Enemies in any battle (except Training)

S01: Deep Delver: 3x Complete a Delve at Level 20 or higher
S02: Adventurer: 3x Complete all battles on a single Adventure Board
(Archmage: 60x Cast Spells in any battle (except Training))
(Orbweaver Hero: 15x Win any battle with your Hero using the Orbweaver Class (except Training)

Order of the last 2 Silver unconfirmed. I’m not paying for it.

G01: Banner Bearer: 22x Win any battle using the Dark Elven Banner (except Training)
G02: Relic Master: 22x Win any battle with your Hero using a Relic Weapon (except Training)

Yes, you have to clear the Adventure Board fully on 3 different days. Big Thumbs Down.

No Dungeons for this week.


New Thread for campaign 3?


probably a good idea to do so lol. I’m not the best person to be in charge of that

3 day adventure board. What a load of crap.


Didn’t I hear or read a dev saying they were removing the multi day tasks? Or did I dream it?

The only thing I hear about that is that ppl find it annoying. Not a single one saying “Oh great, campaign progress blocked for 2 or 3 days, I like it a lot!”

So what’s the point?

I’d really love to hear some official explanation for that. It used to be two clears for the silver task, which already wasn’t received well. Now they ninja-changed it to three clears, without saying a single word? Not sure if bug or intentionally griefing the community.


:relaxed: :vulcan_salute:

Community - We want to be able to complete all tasks in a day.

Devs - Screw them lets make it 3 days so more people will use their gems to skip.

Was there a single thing in 5.3 that wasn’t just about making money? There is no other reason to make it take longer to complete the tasks than to make people spend gems to skip it. One of the last 2 things I actually liked in the game and they go and ruin that too. I’m glad the campaign started after 5.3 so I could see all the devs care about anymore is money and I could quit before I bought the pass.


Requiring more days to complete something also ensures people will hit more daily logins, which adds to “player engagement” metrics, I’m sure. More logins, more time in the game = more chances to market to you and entice you with Gem sinks. :moneybag:


The devs don’t want this, and neither do their bosses. Being able to finish everything on day 1 means less logins the rest of the week. They want steady, reliable logins. Every time you log in it’s a chance for a “daily deal” popup, a “flash offer” popup, the obnoxious bouncing Gem icon we know is coming, the Shrine “!” that won’t go away…


Arena changes. Added reroll option (for free!) and changed troop order during pickup. These 2 changes were most commonly requested by players playing this mode.
Other than that? Probably nope…

They were working on rerolls even before the Arena Rework

So…? They could be working on many things before 5.0, thing is they finished and published them now, and included as version 5.3. Does it change anything to what i posted above?
That was a feature added to game with 5.3 which doesn’t include milking money.

Game development takes time and hurrying things up results with similiar dissasters as Cyberpunk2077 release. I personaly prefer DEVs to take 1 more development cycle, before releasing a feature, than have it unplayable on release date.

Campaign 3 Week 1 Strategy

Time for more oddly-annoying tasks. I hope my strategy suggestions make these a little easier to tackle.

This week, we’re saving 3 Daily Delve Sigils (S1), the Adventure Board (S2), Ranked PvP (B3), 2 Event Keys (B7) and 1 Vault Key (B8). But we need 3 Adventure Boards, so we won’t be done before Wednesday, at the earliest.

  1. Start by building a Zhul’Kari team for 4 wins (B1), using the Dark Elven Banner (GP) for 22 wins (G1). The best option for B1 is probably to start a Zhul’Kari Explore run at D1+ (B4), but stop after 4 wins.
  2. Craft a Green Summoning Stone (B2).
  3. Win 4 Ranked PvP battles (B3), ideally using your usual team but with the Dark Elven Banner.
  4. Complete your Zhul’Kari Explore run (B4).
  5. You need 9 Elf kills (B5), either in the World Event, exploring Zhul’Kari or Silverglade, or in casual PvP.
  6. Reach 60 turns in one Treasure Hunt (B6).
  7. Open 2 Event Chests (B7).
  8. Use a Vault Key to kill one Treasure Gnome (B8).
  9. Use your Daily Delve Sigils to complete three Delves at level 20+ (S1). You can wait for the Tuesday Faction Event, but it will delay completion of the Campaign until Thursday. (If you do delay, use Monday’s Adventure Board for easy wins, if needed.)
  10. Once G1 is complete, switch to your usual banners, and give your Hero a Relic weapon for 22 wins (G2).
  11. Earning 80 Souls from battle (B9) shouldn’t require any special effort.
  12. Getting 13 Purple kills (B10) shouldn’t be too hard, either. Explore Karakoth or Ghulvania, if you don’t get enough from those Delves.
  13. Once your Delves are done (possibly on Tuesday), you can do your first of three Adventure Boards (S2). Keep doing them daily until the task is done.
  14. On either Wednesday or Thursday, you’ll gain access to S3. Winning 15 times using Orbweaver Class (S3) is a simple substitution into one of your normal teams, in easier battles (Dungeon, Daily Delve, Pet Rescue, etc).
  15. Finally, cast 60 Spells (S4). No drama.

To help out other players, 4x Tassarion is the perfect choice! [6190,6190,6190,6190,3010,0,0,0,0,0,0,0,14033]

I started a new thread for Campaign 3: