Calling out Mr. YOYO!

Mr. YOYO if you are part of this forum, I would like to have a secret little chat with you, if anybody knows where can I find him… Please. ;D

I hear, he will be hard to find as he is a bit UP and DOWN


Badumm-tss. Good one! ^^

I saw Mr YOYO a while back, when he was out for a spin. Seemed like he was at the end of his tether… maybe… he might have been just stringing me along.


Was he out to Walk the Dog?

I don’t get any of the references in this thread…
Are there supposed to be any references?

EDIT: God I’m slow. NVM, I get it I get it.

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I’m in his guild, I’ll pass along a message that you’re looking for him.

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Moderators please put this pun-torturous thread to death… or the pun-perpetrators if you can get hold of them… you must know where at least one of them can be found…

In fact it’s a serious post. I need to talk with him, but… Bad puns are always nice too. :smiley:

I just drew him in a match, seems he has now switched his Sheggra team for Gobbos