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Call to Arms - 11/27 Weekly Event

Hi friends,

This weeks event is to help Herald of Chaos summon in allies by summoning Daemons in PVP and Explore.

I’m at a loss for teams comps - any suggestions would be appreciated.


This worked nicely.


Saw this but only snagged one Firebomb last week. I’m a moron :frowning:

One firebomb is OK, you can always use Sacrifice on the team.


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So sorry for the Newb question (I’ve been playing for < 1 month) but totally addicted. Can someone please explain what exactly you need to do to earn event points in Explore for this week? Does Herald of Chaos need to be on my team? Do you have to explore only in blighted lands? Do you have to use a troop capable of summoning a Daemon? Thank you in advance.

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You were supposed to receive three Firebombs with each purchase. If your Glory Pack only contained a single one (early buyer bug), you may want to open a support ticket.


Just summoning a Daemon. The description of the events if more for flavor.


Thank you for the reply. But doesn’t one of your troops have to die (to free up an empty slot) for a demon to be summoned? Also, it doesn’t appear that the Herald of Chaos can summon a demon…? Sorry for the confusion.

You can start with fewer than 4 troops on a team if you want to do it that way. Most of the suggestions here are built on the assumption that you’ll deliberately kill one of your own troops to make room for a summon. So using Fire Bomb, Bombot, Dwarven Slayer, Black Beast, Sacrifice, etc. will make room. You don’t even need to win (but you’ll need to finish the battle) for the summons to count.

For the weekly events, they always say help the kingdom quest troop with whatever. In this case, it happens to be Herald of Chaos, but you don’t actually have to use the named troop in any way - just do what the text is telling you with any team.


Sounds like I was bugged as I only received one normal (green) quality. Thank you for the heads up!

I’m in the same boat sometimes. They event description isn’t always the best for new players. If you use the lady from the glory chest (Erinyes) which costs ?400? glory. She will summon 2x daemons when you use her power. This will get you two event tokens…once you get enough, you can exchange for loot. Hope this helps.

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Guildmates are having success in explore with Erinyes and Sacrificial Priest (no-one else).

Personally, I like combining black beast with Abynissia


Fire Bomb is a Common troop (grey), If you have a green Fire Bomb you must have acquired it twice (2x3 copies) and then Sacrificed 5 of them to ascend the troop, leaving you with one green Fire Bomb.


Thank you for the clarification @Courtaud!


I completed the event exploring with this team :slight_smile:


Edit: it works by first removing the two fire bombs, filling up erinyes to summon two quasits, then sacrificing them for purple and either yellow or brown to refill erinyes again… You can repeat this several times, until you either win due to skulls falling together after the cascades or your team is wiped out, you’ll get awarded event points in any case.


Same as above but just


Fill Erinyes wich fills Sacrifice, kill one Quasit (choose yellow), kill other Quasit (choose yellow).
Rince and repeat.

You will not win any explore but you can easily rack up 20-30 summons a game.


Yesterday I ran with:

Fire bomb

Just cycle Sacrifice and Summoner.
By the time Gorgotha had killed of the other team,I had 20 snotballs for 1 match.

Mythic version:
(rearmost slot is food, use whatever you want)

Budget version:
(again, rear slot can be anything, TDS can be replaced with poison master and Frozen Banner)

Infernal King revives give snotstones, FYI.

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Like others, I done the weekly event nice and quickly by just using just 2 troops, Erinyes and Sacrifice. Cast Erinyes to summon 2 quasits and filling Erinyes at the same time. Cast Sacrifice on brown or yellow to refill Erinyes and repeat :+1:

Hello All,

My Team :

  • Valkyrie : Here to earn the souls for the Void Portal and be devoured by the Black Beast
  • Dwarven Gate : After a devour, launch its power to give Barrier to Black Beast & Void portal
  • Black Beast : Devour the first team to have an empty slot. When the skulls are generated, the dwarven gate has little attack (only city bonus if I remember well). After it’s a pretty good tank :slight_smile:
  • Void Portal : Summon a random deamon… that will be devoured
    When you’re bored, use the black beast to finish the ennemies (from my last test, my Black Beast had more than 700 lives and 300 in attacks).
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