Call For Mobile Beta Testers

I would love to help beta test.

I play on my 2 year old phone, Motorola Droid Turbo. It runs the current game very well, except if I do a lot of explores in one sitting without closing the game. Then it slows down a lot.

I use iPhone 7 and a iPad Air 1 with the most updates iOS on both. Would be happy to play around with the beta.


SWM,34:Sleight,Fair - WLTM - 1 Beta Game (in any stage) for quiet nights in, and cascade based frolics. Running iPhone 6 - iOS 10.3.2. StD free and CRB checked.

Age/Looks unimportant - Must have GSOH, a full deck, own teeth and a well-balanced RNG. TYVM

Hey, registered just to help with the testing.

Availavle devices are Samsung Galaxy S4 Active and a backup SGS2.


Interested, iPhone 6s.

I’m interested:
iphone 5s
ipad mini 4
ipad pro
and I have Samsung Galaxy Tab 4 7.0 (Android 4.4.2)


Brutal Doom can work on a toaster :rofl:

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And so they will be selected but you can always try.

I play on iPhone 6s and iPad gen… 4 or 5, can’t recall atm.

But I would LOVE to Beta test for you!!

Edit: I also have an android tablet I could pull out and test on if you need. That is at home and I’m on vacation at the moment.


Love to be in on this!!! Play on iPad Air, iPhone 7 and iPad mini

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I’m using a one plus 3 on android 7.1.1
Hope i can help :slight_smile:

Just so everyone is aware, that the early testing will be on a beta server and not the live servers.


I would like to take part as well, if that’s possible. :smiley:
Samsung Galaxy Tab S SM-T805
Android 5.0.2

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Would we get a copy of our current account on the test server, or start out clean?

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The way it worked on pc, if i am not mistaken, was the beta servers had new profiles but when it went over to live servers the testers used their own accounts


iPad Air if it makes any difference :wink:

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If you need more people I’m up for it :slight_smile:

Iphone 6S
IOS 10.3.2

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@Saltypatra, what does the beta test entail? What kind of time and output commitments are beta testers making?

I think I am tied with @Geran for oldest iDevice in the thread (iPhone 5S, running current version of iOS), but I would like to know more before definitively throwing my hat into the ring.

I would be happy to test. My phone is a Google Pixel running Android O preview, which currently does not function correctly for Gems of War. I’d be happy to provide logcat logs and such.

I’m on this too. Looks nice with my abacus.